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Are You Ready, Papa? “Spirit Knight Story” idle Game Officially Launches Today!

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Infraware Japan officially launches the “Isekai ni Tobasaretara Papa ni Nattan Daga: Spirit Knight Story” (異世界に飛ばされたらパパになったんだが 〜 精霊騎士団物語 〜) idle game for iOS and Android today on June 3. The game celebrates its pre-registration reaching 100,000 and all players can obtain UR character Kohaku as rewards.

▼ An illustration by Manga artist Takuya Fujima


Game Feature

“Isekai ni Tobasaretara Papa ni Nattan Daga: Spirit Knight Story” is an idle game where the player is transported to another world, which is polluted by evil spirits. You encounter a young girl Orurea, who has a special power to purify the dark forces, and ask you to become her papa?

The game has more than 45 bishōjo characters, which are designed by multiple illustrators, including the manga artist Takuya Fujima. The game features live 2D animation and is fully voiced.

The heroines can freely change the class into a sword fighter, a bower, or a witch. You can also deepen your bondings with the characters and enjoy their individual scenario.

The combat system is easy to play and automatic. You can strengthen the characters even if you left them unattended. The game also has multiple contents such as forming “Knights” with guild members, challenging “Party Raid” with friends in real-time, and “Daily Dungeon” consisting of a total of 700 dungeons.

Pre-registration Rewards

In celebration of the game’s pre-registration reaching 100,000, all players can receive UR character Kohaku, gems equivalent to 20x gacha, and 500,000 gold as rewards.

A special login bonus is also held between June 3 ~ 25, where players can obtain 603 gems on the fifth day.

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