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“Odin: Valhalla Rising” MMORPG Coming to Mobile & PC on June 29

Kakao Games and Lionheart Studio announced that the “Odin: Valhalla Rising” MMORPG will launch for mobile and PC on June 29 in Korea. Several trailers and a virtual showcase video are revealed to preview the game’s worldview and system.

Game Feature

“Odin: Valhalla Rising” is an open-world MMORPG that adapts the Norse mythology worldview and story. Created by Unreal Engine 4, the game will center on the epic battles in Valhalla, the majestic, enormous hall ruled over by the god Odin.“BLADE” developer Kim Jaeyoung and “Vindictus” original designer Kim Beom join the game’s development.

In “Odin: Valhalla Rising”, players can select between 4 classes, including warrior, Sorceress, Rogue, and Priest. Cooperation between players is important as each class plays a completely different role.

In addition, each class has active skills and passive skills, and you can plot different strategies by making full use of functions such as Cooperation skills and Conditional skills with skill combo. You can also change to the upper class, which has a completely different fighting style. Multiplayer contents such as boss raid and Valhalla match are also available.

■ Boss Raid

■ Valhalla Match

Official Site

ODIN : Valhalla Rising ODIN : Valhalla Rising ODIN : Valhalla Rising Kakao Games Corp.
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