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DEEMO II 6-Minute Teaser Previews Worldview and Gameplay

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Rayark’s DEEMO II rhythm mobile game revealed a 6-minute teaser previewing its worldview and gameplay. The teaser also features a short interview with Deemo and Deemo II’s producer Ming-Yang Yu. According to Yu, the game will be released at the end of 2021.


DEEMO II takes place in a world that never stops raining. Creatures that touched this rain will turn into white petals and disappear from this world.

When every human and animal is avoiding the rain, the story centers on a little girl, Echo, who takes refuge in an old train station. The train station houses a huge piano. When it is played, rays of sunlight shine through the realm, protecting the train station from harm.


In DEEMO II, players will play as Echo and follow her champion Deemo to explore this world and search for a way to stop the rain. The rhythm gameplay of DEEMO II will be more dynamic and diverse compared to its first game. More tempo and camera changes make it more challenging for players.

More exploration elements will also be added to the game, for instance, chatting with NPCs and helping them solve problems. Also unlike DEEMO, the scenery is portrayed with a combination of 2D and 3D graphics, so that players will feel like they are playing in an animated movie.

The production team also hid various Easter eggs and riddles in the world of DEEMO II, so players will have new discoveries every time they play the game.

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