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Last Cloudia x Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Collaboration Available Now

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AIDIS’ Last Cloudia smartphone RPG started the collaboration event with TV anime Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood on July 15.

The event features playable Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood characters and arks, including the units Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric, as well as the Automail Mechanic ark. Additionally, a playable Alphonse Elric will join the roster of every player who completes the collab’s Otherworld Alchemist quest.

Exclusive gear and multiplayer stamps, special login bonuses, and great social media giveaways are also available.


Collaboration Characters

The Edward Elric Unit and Automail Mechanic Ark are available in the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Pick-up Gacha Pt. 1, held between July 15 and 28.

■ Edward Elric Unit- CV: Romi Park
This speedy and versatile Earth attacker boasts powerful traits and skills like Fullmetal Alchemist (which increases skill damage for skills used with Alchemy) and Automail (which greatly increases attack abilities when a machine is equipped). His unique skill You’re Outclassed greatly increases damage to bosses; while his unique magic, Soul Compensation, allows him to use his own HP to revive incapacitated allies.

■ Automail Mechanic Ark
This ark includes Machine Boost, a learnable skill that makes units more effective when equipping machines. The learnable skill Earth Attack Raise makes Edward Elric’s skills even more formidable, while the other collab skill Automail Equipped boosts the physical damage a unit deals and lowers the physical damage it takes.

The ark’s trait has both offensive and defensive value: when a machine is equipped, it boosts skill damage, continuously activates Fort, and raises DEF. When an ally is inflicted with a basic status ailment, remove the ailment and add +1 to basic status ailment resistances for a set time (once per wave).

Otherworld Alchemist Event

One of the most exciting features of this collaboration is the Otherworld Alchemist co-op quest, where all players work together to defend a location from attacking monsters. Quest rewards include collab tickets, event equipment, multiplayer stamps, a playable Alphonse Elric unit, and more.

While adventuring, Last Cloudia main character Kyle and his companions pass through a city that is being attacked by beasts. After fighting a battle to defend the city, they find a mysterious, shining, red stone. A self-styled alchemist claims to have been seeking it, and says that it was responsible for the beast attack. The alchemists and the heroes of Last Cloudia then decide to team up. Meanwhile, somewhere in the shadows, a female scientist smiles menacingly while clutching a red stone…

■ Alphonse Elric – CV: Rie Kugimiya
This no-attribute tank protects his allies while still packing a punch. His unique skill, All is One, All is the World, increases ally DEF while the unit is alive. His other unique skill, I’ll Protect You All, applies a barrier that nullifies one basic status ailment. The Melee Master has a chance to powerfully counter physical attacks. Meanwhile, his Empty Armor Body trait increases DEF each time a skill is used.

Login Bonus

Players who login during the collaboration period can get crystals, collab gacha tickets, and more from this login bonus.

Collab Challenge

The collab challenge is made up of nine simple missions viewable on the Home screen. The difficulty has been balanced so that even beginners can complete them and receive the State Alchemist’s Pocketwatch equipment as a reward.

Follow and Retweet Campaign

Players can participate just by following the official Last Cloudia Facebook or Twitter account, then Retweeting or sharing the promo post. Ten lucky players will also receive a USD $25 App Store or Google Play gift code.

Depending on the number of retweets, all users will receive the following amazing rewards! The event will be held until July 20, 11:59 pm (PT).

300: Great Power Potion x20
500: ★Collab Ticket Pt 1 x2
700: Crystals x400
1000: ★Collab Ticket Pt 1 x3
1500: Crystals x600

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