[Qoo Review] Shadow Hunter: Lost World Boss Tips Pt. 1


Have you all tried Shadow Hunter: Lost World yet? If you have then surely you have noticed that some of the bosses are, to put it lightly, more than challenging. In this guide, we’ll go through some of the things to look out for and some tips on each Shadow Hunter boss.


Thrak Giant Ripper

Thrak is the first boss you’ll face in the game and as such, he doesn’t really pose much of a threat. His moves are very forgiving to beginners and very straightforward not to mention he glows red literally before and during attacks. For most of his attacks, you can easily get out of range by jumping and dashing to his back. This gives you a good window of opportunity to attack. There are a few main things to keep an eye out for when fighting Thrak.

21080406154199When he slightly crouches down like the image above, he’s prepping for a jumping overhead smash. If you have enough space to outrun it, then do so. If not, then time your dash to just when he leaps up and dash behind him.
21080406153840When he puts his club flat on the ground, he’s preparing for the ground spikes. Just jump and stay in the air for a bit with dashes or attacks.
21080406153648Occasionally, after his two-hit combo, he will do a backhand swing. You can avoid this by just jumping in the air and dashing through it.

Uvius Etheral Necro


Uvious can be a little annoying to deal with at first but is one of the easiest boss fights in the game. His attacks include summoning giant skulls that explode after a while, summoning three mini skulls to attack in a linear line, lighting the ground around him on fire for a few seconds. During the fight, he will occasionally blink out and summon a doppelganger who will also mimic some of Ubius’ attacks. Prioritize in getting rid of the doppelganger first as it can mess up your window to attack. The Doppelgangers only take one hit to defeat so it isn’t much of a risk to take them out.

21080507325289Be prepared to dash away from Uvius when he raises his staff like this to avoid his fire attack
21080507325169The fire doesn’t do a lot of damage unless you stay inside the affected area
21080507380051The hitbox for the giant skulls aren’t as big as they seem, a single jump is enough to get you out of range

Memphis Hollow Death

shadow hunter boss

If you look at Thrak and Uvius as tutorial bosses, then Memphis is the first real boss fight in the game. His attacks are less forgiving and require more precision to dodge out of. To start, he does a number of different slashes and follow-up slashes which are easy enough to dodge though. The main thing to look out for is when he does his blink slash. Occasionally, Memphis will blink behind you and attempt to hit you from behind. The key to avoiding this is to just wait until he starts his blink, then dash back. This will put you right behind him when he reappears, giving you a good massive window to hit him.


Memphis also has a retreating slash where he swings his sword and moves away from you. This can be difficult to adjust to if you’ve been trying to dash through his attacks rather than away from it. Fortunately, this doesn’t do a lot of damage.

21080507423180The most dangerous skill to look out for is his stab attack. This attack has a pretty decent range and will absolutely destroy you if you’re not ready
2108050742184Another major thing to keep an eye out for is the flaming spin attack. Memphis spins like a Beyblade towards you, being caught in this attack will hit you multiple times. The most annoying part of this move is that Memphis frequently uses it one after another

Kired Night hunter

In the fight with Kired, the first thing you’ll notice is that the boss area is significantly smaller than the other boss fights. Despite that, the fight itself is actually not that hard. Kired’s moves have really obvious tell signs and give you more than enough time to jump away or dash through them.

21080409193575When Kired splits his bow, he is preparing to do a charge attack
21080409264643You can easily jump over this, or if you have the counter, it is a great way to get a bit of damage in
2108040838316When Kired charges and fires a flare to the sky, you have enough time to get a few hits in before you have to dash out
21080408382717If not you eat a face full of explosive arrows

Did you find this helpful? Share with us some of your tips for bosses in Shadow Hunter: Lost World in the comments below. Stay tuned for pt. 2 of this guide series for the other bosses in the game.

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