[Qoo Review] PUBG New State Second Alpha Test Review


PUBG New State is a new mobile title to the PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) franchise. New State is set in a not-so-distant future, in the year 2051. The game will bring players to an entirely new map, TROI, which despite being an 8×8 map (same size as Erangel), at first glance, the map feels a lot bigger and more diverse than that of the maps in PUBG M.


The first thing you notice when starting the Alpha test is the significant improvements to graphics in the new title. PUBG New State’s graphics are comparable to the PC/Console version of PUBG. On a Samsung S21+, the game ran consistently on a higher frame rate than PUBG M. The Minimum requirements of PUBG New State is higher than that of PUBG M, requiring at least 2GB Ram and Android 6 or higher.

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The general gameplay and gunplay of New State are very similar to PUBG, so PUBG fans won’t have to worry about New State being something quintessentially different from the original games. Asides from the graphics update, shooting in New State also feels a little more solid and realistic. The headshot sound effect also gives players a clearer indication and just feels good to hear.


The UI in New State is also a lot simpler and cleaner than the current version of PUBG M, the default settings have larger buttons than the default classic UI of PUBG M. Personally one of my favorite changes to the UI is the HUD showing the current ammo count in your gun’s magazine. This simple addition of useful information doesn’t take up a lot of space on screen but gives a clear indication of your gun’s ammo situation allowing better judgment before you engage another player or if swapping guns will be more advantageous.


Set in the future, players can expect a plethora of new elements, from weapons to vehicles. In the Alpha test, we got to try driving the new electric cars that are newly introduced in New State. The main difference between the electric cars and the vehicles in the original title, asides from the futuristic look and lights, is that players will be able to drive around almost silently. Though in the previous “Field Trip to Troi” trailers from the game’s official YouTube channel Brian Corrigan revealed that the hearing distance for electric cars is the same as traditional PUBG vehicles, the noise that the new electric cars make is a lot more subtle and hard to pick out when there are other things going around in your vicinity.

In terms of weapon customizations, players of PUBG will find that the customizations will feel familiar with what New State has to offer. Much like in PUBG M, customization parts can be found throughout the map. Players will be able to pick up different parts to tweak their favorite weapons fully flush out their playstyle.

The new drone system in New State opens up new strategies and plays in the new game. Collecting drone coins allows different purchases in the new Drone Shop which will be delivered to players via drones. Similar to the airdrops in PUBG M and the PC/Console version, Drones are very eye-catching and can be seen by players within a pretty large vicinity. The new drone system makes the game more flexible and gives players a way to get the things they need and want on-demand. This also makes looting enemies much more game-changing as they may have drone coins that can contribute to you getting what you want.




After playing a couple of games in the Alpha, the core of New State is pretty much a PUBG title, the core mechanics of the game and general gameplay feel just like what you would expect from a PUBG title. The key difference in New State is that the maps have a lot more verticality to them. Each main region on the map has iconic landmark buildings which players can compete in. Buildings now have more alternative routes which players can take advantage of to circle around their opponents and take them out from behind, above, and below. This makes New State a much more exciting game to play especially when players get a better grasp of the map and fight to hold advantageous positions in the different landmark buildings.

If you weren’t already excited for PUBG New State, I hope this review really gets you excited for it! what are you looking forward to most in New State? Let us know in the comments.

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