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Project Sekai Adds Playable Song “Meteor Pulse” Created by *Luna! “Knock the Future!!” Event Starts on Sept 10!

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Sega and Colorful Palette’s Project Sekai Colorful Stage ft. Hatsune Miku mobile rhythm game has added a new playable song “Meteor Pulse” (流星のパルス) created by *Luna. The “Knock the Future!!” Event also starts today on September 10.

New Playable Song

The new playable song “Meteor Pulse” (流星のパルス) is an original song by *Luna, who created it specifically for the game. It will be a unit song for Leo/need and players can receive the song at the present box.

The song includes a Sekai Ver. performed by Leo/need and MEIKO, as well as a Virtual Singer Ver. performed by Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Len, Megurine Luka, MEIKO and KAITO.

”Knock the Future!!” Event

From Sept 10 to 19, players playing Solo Live, Multi Live and Challenge Live can obtain Event Point and Badge. The Event point can be used to unlock the event stories and the event point ranking will determine the rewards you acquire at the end of the event.

You can also use the Event Badges to exchange new members, ★3 [It’s Introspection Meeting After This] Shiho Hinomori,★2 [Cookie Ale] Saki Tenma, and in-game items.

★3 [このあとは反省会] 日野森志歩

★2[クッキー・エール] 天馬咲希

”Knock the Future!!” Virtual Live

An event virtual live will be held after the event on August 19 and 20. First time participants of the live show can obtain a special stamp of Ichika Hoshino and Crystal x 300. New accessory Meteor headphones will be added to the Virtual Shop.

Event Schedule
■ Sept 19 (Sun): 22:00, 23:00 [JPT]
■ Sept 20(Mon): 0:00, 1:00, 2:00, 8:00, 12:00, 18:00, 19:00, 20:00, 21:00 [JPT]

”Full Metal Hesitation Cutoff” Gacha

From September 10, three new members, ★4 [Star Piece That Connects Feelings] Ichika Hoshino with costume, ★4 [Session Speak With Music] KAITO with costume, and★4 [Looking for the Things that I Can Do] Honam Mochizukii will be available in the ”Full Metal Hesitation Cutoff” Gacha.

★4 [想いをつなげるスターピース] 星乃一歌

★4 [音で語るセッション] KAITO

★4 [できることを探して] 望月穂波

Special Talk Show

A special talk show featuring Ruriko Noguchi, the cast of Ichika Hoshino, will stream on YouTube Live on September 19, at 21:30 [JPT]. She will look back on”Knock the Future!!” event with the audience.

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