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Brave Frontier ReXONA Mobile Game Now Goes Live!

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Alim officially launches the new Brave Frontier mobile game Brave Frontier ReXONA for iOS and Android today on September 15, 2021.

Brave Frontier ReXONA is a 3D action game that is set in the same universe as the Brave Frontier series. It depicts the adventure of the summoner and the spirits, led by the goddess to the deepest part of the labyrinth.


Players will play as the Summoner to command the spirits in 3D action battles. Make full use of the spirits’ unique skills and their collaborative attacks to take down different dungeons.

Numerous gimmicks are prepared in the battles and the spirits you used will largely affect the result every fight.

A Housing function is available for you to customize the room in your style. A pixel-art Search function and multiplayer contents will be updated in the future.

Game Launch Event

To celebrate the game launch, various campaigns are currently underway. Players can obtain a maximum of 6,000 diamonds by completing the following mission;

Play for the first time: Diamond x 1,500
Login every day for 30 days: Diamond x 100 everyday
Follow the Official Twitter: Diamond x 500
Link to Alim account: Diamond x 1,000


■ 1st Trailer

■ 2nd Trailer

■ Story Trailer

■ Battle Trailer

Official Site

Official Twitter

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