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Dusk Diver 2 Launches for PS4 & Switch Worldwide in 2022! 1st Gameplay Video Revealed at TGS2021!

Mr. Qoo PS4

JUSTDAN INTERNATIONAL revealed a gameplay video for Beat ’em up action game Dusk Diver 2 during a live stream at TGS2021. The game is also confirmed to release for PS4 and Switch worldwide in 2022.

Gameplay Video


The game is a direct sequel to the 2019 Musou-style RPG action game Dusk Diver that originated from Taiwan. The setting of the sequel has expanded its scale to not just Ximending, but also Dihua Street and The Red House.

Apart from the protagonist Yang Yumo, the non-playable allies from the original Dusk Diver such as Leo and Le Viada, are now playable via Dusk Diver 2‘s new partner swap system. A new character will also be added to the game. More sub-quests are also available for you to dive deeper into the characters’ story.

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