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Tencent Games Showcases Manasis Refrain at TGS2021

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Today (2nd October), Tencent Games showcased their upcoming adventure RPG, Manasis Refrain, at the Tencent Games New Collection special program.

During the special program, Tencent Games revealed the game’s opening video and demonstrated live gameplay for the upcoming game. In Manasis Refrain, players can explore the world of Fotania. Players will be able to travel to different areas in a party of three. Each area features different environments and enemies. Players take control of one character at a time and can fight monsters in real-time combat.

In the gameplay demonstration, Tencent Games also showed the gameplay of the main Hakoniwa Island, the main hub in which players have access to all sorts of different facilities including the Library, Dormitory, Cafeteria, Training Grounds, and more. Whilst on the island, players will appear in chibi form.

Manasis Refrain recently launched its pre-registration campaign. Tencent Games has yet to reveal the release date for the game.

Tencent Games New Collection live-stream

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