[QooNews] S-Game Announces New Phantom Blade Title Coming in 2022


S-Games announced the latest installment of the mobile ARPG series Phantom Blade. The new game is titled Phantom Blade: Executioner. According to th game’s official website, the game will be available in multiple languages including English, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese.

phantom blade executioner

The Phantom World universe began with the Rainblood RPG series and revolves around the complex relationship between Zuo Shang and Soul. In 2014, the first Phantom Blood title was released on mobile and introduced new characters and stories that enriched the Phantom World universe and gave players more information on Zuo Shang and Soul.

Phantom Blade: Executioner will continue the Phantom Blade’s fast-paced action gameplay with a stylish art direction that combines Chinese wuxia elements with a touch of steampunk. Players will be able to play the game alone as well as with other players with online co-op. The game will also feature a PvP mode.




Players will also be able to customize their character’s gear and skills to optimize their performance in-game.


Phantom Blade: Executioner is the first title in the IP to target an international audience. During the live-stream, S-Game revealed that Zuo Shang will be voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda. Ishikawa Yui was also revealed to be part of the voice cast, playing the voice of Mu Xiaokui.



JP Trailer

EN Trailer

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