[Qoo News] Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires Launches 23rd Dec for PC & Console 15th Feb for the West


On 2nd Oct, KOEI TECMO announced the official release date for Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires as 23rd Dec 2021. the game is slated for PC and Console (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch). Dynasty Warriors 9 is expected to launch on 15th Feb for the west.

真・三國無雙8 Empires




During the TGS2021 special, KOEI TECMO also did a live gameplay demonstration for the upcoming game. Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires will introduce new strategic elements to the iconic hack’n slash franchise. Before each battle players will be able to set different strategies and interact with different characters and form alliances in preparation for the upcoming battle. By completing these strategies, players will be able to activate special bonus effects that can turn the tide of war.

真・三國無雙8 Empires

Another new feature that will be introduced in the new title is the Duel Mode. When players successfully break into a fort, players will be able to directly challenge the commander-in-chief. Winning the duel will instantly raise the morale of allies and weaken the opposing side.

真・三國無雙8 EmpiresFor players who want to fully immerse in the world, Dynasty Warriors 9 Empire will also feature an Edit Mode where players can create their own unique characters. The Edit Mode will feature more customization options for players to play around with. From the weapons that your character will use to the different clothing and headgear, players will be able to create a character that is truly personalized.

真・三國無雙8 Empires

真・三國無雙8 Empires

真・三國無雙8 Empires

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