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Tales of Luminaria: Beginner's Guide & Tips

Alert! All Tales fans! Tales of Luminaria has finally been released! Another entry in the Tales series goes down in the mobile game history, coming after the success of the Tales of Crestoria. If you’re thinking of embarking on a new adventure in Tales of Luminaria, here are some beginner tips that you shall not miss!

Tales of Luminaria: Beginner's Guide & Tips


■ How to Reroll
■ What You Should Reroll For
■ Character Difference
■ Battle Tips

How to Reroll

The reroll process of Tales of Luminaria is incredibly easy and it takes less than five minutes! Unlike most other gacha games,  Tales of Luminaria offers all of its 21 characters to players for free! Players will not have to worry about snagging that new waifu or husbando and should instead be focusing on gear, accessories, and weapons when rerolling.

We understand that a lot of players prefer games with elusive SSR character. So, if you’re perfectly fine in slow-grinding weapons and gear, there is no reason to reroll in Tales of Luminaria! However, for those wanting to min-max their account by going for the best start possible, here’s what you need to do and what you should be looking out for!

Reroll Steps:

1. Download Tales of Luminaria
2. Skip cutscenes and enter your name (this can be changed later, don’t worry)
3. Do your daily summon
4. Claim all your rewards from present box (300PB Stone—enough for 10 times summons).
5. Click Calendar and spend 5000 Gold to claim past rewards (including 150PB Stone to celebrate the initial release and 10PB Stone every day since).
6. Claim mission rewards for 50PB Stone.
7. Do your 10 pulls and all single summons
8. If you don’t like your pulls, click the three lines in the top right corner and return to the title screen
9. On the home screen, click  at the bottom next to the Twitter logo.
10.  Delete your account and repeat Step 2

What You Should Reroll For

As mentioned,  you can’t summon characters in Tales of Luminaria. The gacha pool includes all kinds of gear, such as weapons, accessories and costume. What you are looking for is a five-star costume. These costumes power up the character’s Mystic Arte ability and make them incredibly powerful.

You are recommended to aim for at least two five-star costumes before everything starts. Failing this, one five-star costume should also suffice. If your costume luck is less than great, you want to try and grab as many five-star accessories as possible. Finally, should everything previously mentioned continue to elude you, try to summon several five-star weapons. The reroll gear preference is shown below;

2 Five-Star Costumes > 1 Five-Star Costume > X No. of Accessories > X No. of Weapons

Leo and Celia are both starter characters you will be using from the first mission. So, it is advised to get the highest rarity costume available to them to help streamline the levelling process. Likewise, August and Alexandra are also some of the first playable  characters from the Gilldlan Empire and so it makes the most sense to make them as strong as possible, so as not to waste EXP.

Recommended Costumes


 Blaze Formal Dress (Leo) Blaze Formal Dress (Celia) 
 ★★★★★  ★★★★★


GE Ceremonial (Chancellor)


GE Ceremonial (White Wolf)


  ★★★★★   ★★★★★

However, the differences between characters are minimal so you can feel safe rolling for the costume of whichever character you like (or sticking with a lucky summon containing multiple costumes). Tales of Luminaria has characters with all kinds of battle styles, but playing whoever feels right in your hands.

Character Difference

With so many characters to choose from right off the bat, it can be daunting to know who is best to use. Well, we’re here to say that every character in this game is considered “viable” at the very least.

Each character has its own unique gameplay differences and, eventually, you will be able to play as almost everyone! Characters level up by unlocking new equipment in the gacha, or by completing missions. Let’s take a look at the key gameplay differences of the three characters unlocked in Chapter 1!

Leo Fourcade (Katana)

Leo attacks with a simple katana. His normal attack is a slash while his charge attack is a thrust.

Celia Arvier (Bow)
Tapping the screen swipes her bow while holding and letting go of it fires arrows. As the circle over your target encloses, precise timing on your release will result in more damage. Once her blue bar fills completely, you no longer need to charge your attacks.

Michelle Bouquet (Staff)
As a caster, you want to hang back as Michelle. Holding the screen increases her blue bar thereby unlocking the next tier of her abilities which deal more damage.

Battle Tips

Tales of Luminaria is broken down into two aspects; Exploration and combat. Exploration is done by pressing and holding anywhere on the screen . Combat, however, gets a little more complicated. With each character having their own unique skill set, we’ll focus on the protagonist, Leo Fourcade, for this demonstration.

  • Charged Attack: Holding down the same button performs a charged attack.
  • Performing a charge into a tap attack will also perform a powered-up basic attack.
  • Dodge: Flicking quickly in a certain direction will cause your character to strafe quickly allowing you to evasively dodge telegraphed attacks. 
  • Counter: When being attacked, you can press a reactionary command to perform a counter. 
  • Artes: You also have access to what is called an Arte and a Mystic Arte on a short cooldown. Your Mystic Arte acts as an ultimate ability and, as previously mentioned, can be powered up through costumes.
▼Hold the Attack Button for a Charged Attack
 ▼ Gameplay Showcase

Good Luck Out There!

We hope these tips were enough to help you get started with Tales of Luminaria! Remember to leave a comment and let us know what you think about the game!

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