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Holoearth Sandbox Game Showcases Demo Play by Hololive's Vtubers

COVER Corp revealed a special video showcasing a demo play of its upcoming Holoearth sandbox game as part of the Hololive Alternative metaverse project.

The sandbox game reproduced the world of Holoearth that appears in Hololive Alternative with various contents, which allows fans to experience Holoearth together with their favourite Hololive’s performers.

The special video showcases a prototype of HoloEarth, while vtubers Shirakami Fubuki, Ookami Mio, and content director A-Chan tries some of the features of the game, which includes, building house, cooking and taking pictures of the beautiful scenery.

The open-world sandbox game aims to offer a unique experience for all Hololive supporters. Players will be able to take adventures, fight monsters, build their house and live a “daily life” in the world of Holoearth.

HoloEarth was previously announced as a metaverse project, a virtual space created by a newly formed in-house development team. This would be made up of several sub-projects- including a communication lobby, an avatar creation system, and a sandbox game.

There is no fixed release date for the project yet, but the website says it will be playable within the next two years. Development is focused on the PC first, with a planned mobile release afterwards.

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