Ninjala Gets TV Anime in January 2022


GungHo’s Ninjala action game is getting a TV anime adaptation that will premiere on January 8, 2022. A key visual, cast and theme songs are revealed.


Ninjala was originally a free-to-play multiplayer action video game released on June 24, 2020 for the Nintendo Switch. The game is set sometimes in 20XX, when the descendants of the ninja formed the WNA (World Ninja Association) in the hope of carrying on their legacy. They have succeeded in developing Ninja-Gum, an art which could summon forth the strength of the Shinobi. And yet creating the most powerful Ninja-Gum requires the strongest of ninja DNA. So it was that the Ninjala Tournament was held, that the mightiest of all ninjas could be found…

The cast from the 2D web cartoon will reprise their roles in the TV anime, which includes Takahiro Sakurai as Burton, Akari Kitou as Berecca, Hiroki Yasumoto as Ron, Junko Minagawa as Jane, Yumiko Kobayashi as Van, Aoi Yūki as Lucy, Ayumu Murase as Kappei, Megumi Han as Emma, and Honoka Inoue as Gamucci.

▼ Takahiro Sakurai as Burton


▼Akari Kitou as Berecca


The anime series is directed by Mamoru Kanbe and animated by OLM. Shinzō Fujita works on the series script and Atsushi Suzuki is the character designer. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu performs the opening song “Maby Baby” (メイビーベイビー) and Wolpis Carter performs the ending song “Ninja Like Ninja” (ニンジャライクニンジャ).

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