Ensemble Stars!! -Road to Show!!- New Trailer Sheds Spotlight on the Idols


The recently announced Ensemble Stars!! -Road to Show!!- theatrical anime got a new trailer showing the cast in their casual wear at the airport lobby. In the trailer, we see lots of new scenes featuring the 10 idols that will be making an appearance in the anime.

New visual of the characters wearing a formal suit were also revealed. The anime will open in Japanese theatres on March 4, 2022.

Ensemble Stars!! -Road to Show!!- New Trailer Sheds Spotlight on the Idols

Furthermore, to commemorate the release of this new trailer, the original Ensemble Stars anime will be distributed on popular Japanese streaming websites, such as FOD, d-anime store, BANDAI CHANNEL, Hikari TV, Hulu and U-NEXT starting on December 24.

In Ensemble Stars!! -Road to Show!!-, 10 different members of the cast all head to the bustling city of New York, as they attend an Idol Film Festival. The anime will feature 10 idols as main characters, while the other idols will also make some brief cameo appearances.


Ensemble Stars!! -Road to Show!!- Trailer




Ensemble Stars!! -Road to Show!!- Main Characters

■ Makoto Yuuki – CV: Showtaro Morikubo

■ Mao Isara – CV: Yuuki Kaji

■ Aira Shiratori – CV: Amasaki Kōhei

■ Mayoi Asena – CV: Chiharu Shigematsu

■ Nagisa Ran – CV: Junichi Suwabe

■ Hinata Aoi – CV: Sōma Saitō

Kohaku Ōkawa – CV: Tasuku Kaito

■ Rei Sakuma – CV: Toshiki Masuda

■  Izumi Sena – CV: Masami Ito

■ Ritsu Sakuma – CV: Daiki Yamashita


 Ensemble Stars!! -Road to Show!!- Staff

Original Work Happy Elements
Director: Masakazu Hishida (david production)
Chief Director: Asami Nakatani
Screenplay: Seitarō Kino (Happy Elements)
Animation: david production

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