Mobile RPG Valkyrie Anatomia and Nier collaboration is launched now

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Square Enix’s mobile RPG Valkyrie Anatomia -The Origin- (ヴァルキリーアナトミア -ジ・オリジン) is now having a collaboration event with the developer’s PS4/PC title NieR:Automata. 2B from NieR is featured as a limited edition character in this event.

All players are given a ★6 weapon "白の契約:レプリカ", which can be equipped by all characters but is only the strongest when equipped by YoRha Type B. Other limited edition weapons are "★6 神剣モノマキア" and "★5 雷杖パパガロフ".

▼ "★6 白の契約:レプリカ"

▼ "★6 神剣モノマキア"

▼ "★5 雷杖パパガロフ"

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