I Challenge You to "Temple Jump"

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Temple Jump is a simple one-button platformer which is like a crossover between Super Mario and Flappy Birds.

To put it simply:
-Tap to Jump
-Control Jump height and distance by holding
-Collect as all crystals you can without falling

The game sounds simple, but here’s the catch. Once you let go, you won’t be able to control your jump distance anymore. Meaning, you essentially only get one chance at each jump.

To make things more challenging, traps are spread out randomly throughout your run. From loose platforms and spikes to fireballs, players will be kept on edge throughout their try. As you progress further and further, the game occasionally has wings that turns the game temporarily into something like Flappy Birds.

The crystals you collect in each run are more than just your final score, but are also collected so you can spend them on new characters. Temple Run features a diverse array of characters with a heavy pop culture reference, from Nyan Cat to Adventure Time’s Jack and Finn.



If I’m being brutally honest, there isn’t anything new about the gameplay and the graphics is just overplayed for the genre, but the game is just ridiculously challenging and addictive. The simple controls are quite instinctive which makes it easy for new players to pick up.

Although the game’s genre is quite overplayed in the mobile game industry, Temple Jump does a terrific job in keeping things fresh for every try. Without having a set sequence, each time you start a new try, obstacles are shuffled, making each try potentially different.

Just like with games like Flappy Birds, the game has a strong sense of achievement and satisfaction when you finally beat your high score. Since the game is free, and the ads are relatively small, Temple Jump is quite an economical and convenient source of entertainment.

After a good couple of hours of trying the highest score I’ve got was just a mere 39.

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