Ragnarok: The Lost Memories Tier List – Get the Best Heroes for Your Party!


Ragnarok: The Lost Memories has made it into the global market with its unique RPG quest style and carb-battle gameplay. As the game features an array of heroes from the ever-popular Ragnarok IP, we got you covered with the Ragnarok: The Lost Memories tier list so that you can get the best heroes on your way to an epic journey. 

Keep in mind that this list is according to our own observations and players can feel free to use whoever they find best to use.

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S Tier Heroes


Ragnarok: The Lost Memories Tier List – Get the Best Heroes for Your Party!

Eline is the best, if not one of the best healers/ supporters, in the game. She gives all allies defense buff and increases their magical attack with the help of her third skill Assumptio. She is also capable of increasing her self magical attack with her passive ability, Blessing of the Goddess. Her ultimate ability casts a magic circle around all allies which heals them every second. Overall, she’s a top tier healer and buffer for your magic team.

Kathrine Switzer

Ragnarok: The Lost Memories Tier List – Get the Best Heroes for Your Party!

Kathrine Switzer is exceptionally great at taking damage while dishing out massive damage as well. Consider her like a bruiser/tank for your team. She deals Holy Element damage to all enemies and is able to increase her own Defense. She can also lower a single enemy’s attack and defense while dealing Holy Element damage with her third ability Inquisition. Her ultimate ability allows her take reduced damage while reflecting some of the damage she takes. She also heals for the damage she takes in this state.


Ragnarok: The Lost Memories Tier List – Get the Best Heroes for Your Party!

Neur is a great attacker that deals massive magical damage. His ultimate ability Divine Light allows him to increase his own penetration rate and restores his HP. He is especially good against Demons with greater damage dealt to this species. He has a Power of Light mechanic which is a stackable passive that increases Magical Attack. He can stack this up to a maximum of 5 times for a bonus magical attack.                                 


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Xiaolin is a top tier single-target DPS in Ragnarok: The Lost Memories, which is especially useful when you are in boss fight. Xiaolin is able to increase her critical hit damage with her passive. She deals single target earth elemental damage with her Ultimate ability Blade Stop. Her third ability states she increases her own attack until the end of the battle. Hence, she has all the tools a DPS needs to inflict massive damage. 

A Tier Heroes


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Ophelia is another amazing healer and support unit that players can get for their physical teams. She is able to heal ally with the lowest HP and increase her own Magical Defense. She is also capable of increasing the attack of ally with the highest attack. Hence, she’s a must have in team for your DPS if you have a physical DPS. Her ultimate ability Special Elixir – Magi Resin is an AOE Earth elemental damage spell which also reduces Physical defense, Magical Defense, and Flee of enemies who are hit.


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Though Xeno doesn’t have much use in PvE content but is exceptionally great in PvP. This is due to his ability to target backline heroes and his Shadow Cloak mechanic. Whenever Xeno takes fatal damage, instead of dying he enter into the Shadow Cloak state where he runs around and deals Shadow elemental damage to all enemies. He also can do more damage and inflict Silence with his ultimate ability.


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Perr is a battle style character that every player gets for free in the beginning of the game. However, in Ragnarok: The Lost Memories, not all starting characters are bad. Perr is an exceptionally great tank for your team that can also Taunt enemies. This Taunt makes for some clutch situations in both PvE and PvP modes as he can potentially save your carries from dying. He deals wind elemental damage but his damage isn’t really the taking point here. He also has a Magic Shield in his third ability which soaks damage for all allies.              


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Cana takes advantage of being a long-ranged DPS that deals water elemental damage to enemies. She is able to increase her HIT with her passive. She also increases Attack and HIT of all allies with her third ability Hunting Time. She can knock a target back and reduce their movement speed with her basic attacks. Her ultimate ability Deluge Launcher is an AOE water elemental damaging spell.

B Tier Heroes


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The use of Lucia finds similarity to Assassin like Xeno. However, unlike Xeno she has mediocre stats in terms of Attack and no way of increasing her own damage. She also has a weird third ability where she increases her Defense and FLEE rate which is not required when she’s supposed to be an assassin. Hence, she is being put at the bottom of our tier list.


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Bard t is supposed to be a great buffer for magical teams, but his skills becomes incompatible to Eline, who is a much better buffer plus a healer for magical teams. He does have an AOE freeze spell in the form of his ultimate ability which comes handy in certain PvE stages where multiple enemies exist. 


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Naki is a supporter and buffer for physical teams. She is capable of increasing all allies’ Attack. She also increases the Critical Hit Rate and Critical Hit Damage of ally with the highest attack with her third ability, making her useful only in PvP content. She also has a single target buff strip in her basic attack. However, again she is outshined by heroes like Ophelia who performs better than her and is usable in all types of content.

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