Niantic Announces Peridot AR Pet Game


Niantic, who you may know as the developers for the hit app Pokémon Go, announced Peridot, a new AR pet game that is currently under development. In this game, players raise a uniquely-typed AR pet and take it on walks, play with it, and also give it treats. No release date was given yet.

Peridot Announcement Teaser

Peridot Game Features

Take Care Of Your Unique Pet!

According to the game’s senior producer, players can raise AR pets “that feel real”. Each Peridot is “100% unique and 100% yours”. This means that each of them will differ in their visual appearance, personality, likes and dislikes, and abilities.

Players can raise their pets from birth into adulthood, breed them with other pets at nests, and create multiple generations of their virtual pets, leading to new discoveries.

■ Take Snapshots and Share Your Adventures!

Snapshots taken in the app can be easily shared on social media. So you can take a walk with your pet and share your progress on social media! How about taking a nice photo of the Statue of Liberty with your Peridot?

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