Caravan Stories: Academy of Magic Mobile Game Now Opens for Pre-registration


Aiming announced Caravan Stories: Academy of Magic, a new “magical action” game that is set to release for iOS and Android devices in Japan. The game also opens for pre-registration now via Google Play and App Store.

This title is a spin-off of the fantasy RPG Caravan Stories, also developed and currently operated by Aiming. The game takes place eight years prior to the events of Caravan Stories and tells the story of young elves attending a magic academy.

The main features of the game include simple controls, such as dragging the character to move and releasing the finger to attack enemies, combining skills to perform flashy attacks, and also showing characters from the Caravan Stories game as they looked like 8 years ago.

Caravan Stories: Academy of Magic Mobile Game Now Opens for Pre-registration

Caravan Stories: Academy of Magic Story

Eight years ago…the “Magic Academy” was a place where young elves learn the theory and practice of magic. The academy was said to be the most mysterious place on the elven continent, and rumor has it that a very prestigious hero was a member of its board of directors.

Caravan Stories: Academy of Magic Gameplay

■ Automatic Battle! Play With One Finger!

Caravan Stories: Academy of Magic is an auto-attack action game that can be played with one hand. The controls are simple: “drag” to move, and “release” to attack.

caravan stories spinoff 2

■ Intuitive Action play

As players progress, a skill roulette appears, allowing you to acquire the skills of your choice from a random selection. Skill combinations allow for flashy, powerful attacks and exhilarating action play.

■ Train Your favorite Heroes

In “Caravan Stories”, not only the original heroes but also the heroes that appeared in Caravan Stories will appear as they did 8 years ago. Each of them has unique characteristics, so you can pick your favorites and train them!

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