Artery Gear: Fusion Confirms Collab with Frame Arms Girl


bilibili announced that Artery Gear: Fusion turn-based RPG will hold collaboration with the anime Frame Arms Girl. The collaboration project is currently underway, and details will be announced later.

Popular characters such as Jinrai, Stylet, and Baselard will appear as collaboration limited AG. The Todoroki can be acquired by fulfilling specific conditions in the collaboration-only event.

Artery Gear: Fusion x Frame Arms Girl Collab PV

Collab Characters

■ Event Reward
Jinrai – CV: Narumi Kaho

artery gear fusion char1

■ Gacha Featured
Stylet – CV: Yu Ayase

artery gear fusion char2

■ Gacha Featured
Baselard – CV: Rika Nagae

artery gear fusion char3

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