Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend Mobile MMORPG Officially Goes Live!


The highly anticipated mobile MMORPG Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend officially goes live today on April 26! Join the millions who have already pre-ordered – you are one click away from brand new adventures! 

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After being pre-ordered by more than one million gamers, The new tribal adventure-themed mobile MMORPG Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend, officially goes live! Tons of promotion events are active right now, with tons of rewards waiting for you at the start of the first season! 

Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend has been featured by both the App Store and Google Play. This highly anticipated game has ranked in the top 1 of the free download chart in South East Asia since Pre-order first became available. Don’t miss out on this game! 

Dragon Hunters Heroes Legend Mobile MMORPG Officially Goes Live 01

Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend Launch Trailer

Top Pre-Order Rewards Unlocked by the Millions of Pre-Orders

When the number of players who pre-ordered reached one million, the highest level rewards would be unlocked! All players will receive amazing rewards in memory of the launch day. Log in to the game to collect them with one easy tap! Hunters, before you begin your journey, please accept these tokens of appreciation from Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend! 

Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend Mobile MMORPG Officially Goes Live!

Unlimited Rewards: 7-Day Login Gifts 

Plenty of giveaways will be available on the game launch day! 

Remember to enter the gift code “DH111″ to receive your exclusive gifts. Log in to the game to get 20 free draws and a huge bunch of unexpected surprises. You will receive the limited pet Rock Man immediately. Try out the game and you’ll get the super-strong pet Garlic Warrior and beautiful Mounts. On the 7th consecutive day of logging in, you’ll even receive the exclusive pet for Southeast Asia players, Tony Turtle! 

Dragon Hunters Heroes Legend Mobile MMORPG Officially Goes Live 02

Be the Tribe’s Strongest With Multiple Classes to Choose from

In this game, you can become a brave Warrior charging into enemies, a smart and elegant Priest who defeats enemies simply by waving her staff, an Assassin who concealed by shadows, utilizes his strong melee burst damage to tackle his enemies, or the unique and dynamic Ranger, who tracks his enemies from a long-range distance. 

Here, you can become your stronger self. Build the strongest hunting squad, and protect the Star Island together! 

Dragon Hunters Heroes Legend Mobile MMORPG Officially Goes Live 04

Extensive Pet Growth System – Find Your Own Cute Exclusive Pet

As you continue your journey your power will be rapidly increased, and you’ll of course need strong pets to assist you and beat your enemies! Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend brings hundreds of different pets. Find a cute pet, exclusive to you. Tame it and help it reach its strongest form, and raise its ability to assist you in combat.

As seen in the official promotion videos, the Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend development team have taken extra care and time to create amazing gameplays of pet training and dungeons. They have successfully offered players a graphically stunning and unique gaming experience as well. 

Dragon Hunters Heroes Legend Mobile MMORPG Officially Goes Live 05

Download Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend Now!

Courageous young man, behold your passion for becoming a hunter, your dedication to solving your father’s mystery, and your determination to protect Star Island with you when you set off on your journey! A mysterious yet unknown fate awaits you…

The game is available now on QooApp. Various hunting events will go live where players can gain rich benefits! For more information, tap the links below to follow Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend!

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