Monster Musume TD Release Date Confirmed on May 9


EXNOA announced the Monster Musume TD – I’m in Trouble Because I’m in Love With Mon Musume on an Isolated Island in The Sea tower defense browser game will officially release on May 9 after previously being on early access via DMM Games since March of this year.

In addition to this, a big update will be performed on the game, improving the overall experience, and also adding a new weapon type.

Monster Musume TD Trailer

Monster Musume TD Updates

■ In-game balance adjustments
Various elements of the game have been balanced for an overall greater experience.

New Weapon type: Curved Sword
The Warrior class will receive a brand-new weapon type, called the Curved Sword

■ Dress up your Mon Musume with the Dress-Up System!
Costumes for changing will be added to some Monster Musume. Monster girls who have changed costumes will have their illustrations changed.

mon musume img2

Stuck? Ask for help with the “Friend Rental System”!
By adding users as mutual followers, you can use the rental system and share your Mon Musume with other users, as well as use them from other people.

“Mutation Boss Defeat” Event
A new format of the event will be held in the “Boss Challenge,” where special bosses will be added for a limited time only.

mon musume img1

New Difficulty On Weekends!
On weekends only, a higher difficulty “EX” will appear in the “Training Material Quest”.

■ Listen to Mon Musume voices in the Pictorial Book!
A new feature will be implemented that will allow users to listen to the voices of their Mon Musume from their profiles in the “Pictorial Book”.

Monster Musume TD Gameplay

Monster Musume TD is a tower defense game that even newbie users of the genre can enjoy. The game features many unique and naughty monster girls that satisfy your erotic desire, such as punishing the captured human enemies.

It is a flashy and exhilarating tower defense game that even light gamers can enjoy, but it is also packed with a wealth of challenging elements.

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Monster Musume TD Release Campaign

The developers have stated that various campaigns, such as a new format event, a gacha featuring Mon Musume of the new “Curved Sword” weapon type, and a luxurious login bonus for all players will all be available on release!

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