Monster Musume TD is Available Now!


DMM Game’s newest tower defense title, “Monster Musume TD” is now available on PC as a browser game! DMM is celebrating the release of the game with their first character gacha, a release commemorative login bonus event, and their first in-game “Mutant Boss “event!

Monster Musume TD New Characters

Shamshir wielding monster girls arrive! The Explosive Dragon and Two Fairies Gacha is live!

Monster Musume

The game’s first featured gacha is here! Featuring “warrior type” characters Elut, Yucie and Nyartan. All three of these characters use Shamshirs, and have distinct abilities!

■ Red Dragon Elut
A greedy and possessive monster girl. She is a self-confident person and believes that “everything on Gespens Island belongs to her”. She is proud that she is the strongest dragon, and in fact, her fighting ability is incredibly high. However, she is extremely vulnerable to compliments and genuine glances, and seems to lose her vocabulary at the drop of a hat.

Mon Musu TD 003

Cousy Daughter Yucie
She is a kind and single-minded monster girl. She is always faithful and honest to the people she serves. She is always by your side and remembers everything. She even counts the number of times you blink, so she knows the best time to give you eye drops. She can handle any household chores in general and is especially good at cleaning.

Mon Musu TD 004

Ketsey Daughter Nyartan
A wandering mercenary who used to be a cat queen. Due to her past painful experiences, she now has a strong sense of justice and a gentle disposition, and her vivacious smile is characteristic of her personality. Her tail is a natural part of her, and ends her lines in “meow. She is without a doubt a cat.

Mon Musu TD 005

Monster Musume TD Mutant Boss Event

Mon Musu TD 006

As part of the release, the “Mutation Boss” event is here! For a limited time, “Mutation Bosses” will appear as a new challenge. Each victory increases the level of the boss, making for a progressively harder challenge. More details available in-game.

■ Event period: Monday May 9, (after maintenance) – May 16 2022 (Before Maintenance)

Monster Musume TD Login Bonus Event

As part of the launch of Monster Musume TD, players that log in for seven days will receive huge rewards! A maximum of 3000 Phantom beast stones, and 30 skip tickets will be available to all players!

■ Login Claim Period: Event period: Monday May 9, (after maintenance) – May 23 2022 (Before Maintenance)

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