Dislyte Review – Drop the Beat, DJ! We Got To Defeat Them!


I don’t know about you, but for a great while, I’ve always enjoyed the creative cyberpunk stories that are set hundreds of years from now. Just seeing the writer’s interpretation and vision of the future is enough to get me hooked. And that is exactly what caught my attention at first when I saw the art style of Dislyte.

Dislyte takes place in the near future, where a global cataclysm brings the gods and mythological beasts of ancient Greek, Chinese, Norse, and Egyptian mythology to the modern world. Though they may look a bit different than what you’re used to seeing in the history books. For instance, have you ever imagined Anubis acting as a seriously qualified butler? Or that Eros would start their own vlogging career? All these futuristic elements are combined in the pop art style in Dislyte to catch your attention.

Game Review – Dislyte

[QooPlay] Dislyte - Drop the Beat, DJ! We Got To Defeat Them![QooPlay] Dislyte – Drop the Beat, DJ! We Got To Defeat Them!

Reunite Brynn With Sieg!

Our story begins with the musical duo of Brynn and Sieg, who gained popularity as an iconic rock duo. However, due to an unfortunate incident, Sieg is separated from Brynn by a mysterious organization. Brynn, desperate to save Sieg, awakens to her powers as an Esper, a mysterious power that few people can awake to.

She pleads to join the Union, the organization of Espers that protects the peace of the world, hoping that they would be able to find Sieg. The main story has many twists and turns and it certainly drags you to the futuristic worldview of Dislyte.

As of right now, twelve chapters are available, and although they aren’t fully voiced, they’re pretty well written, and get right to the point expanding beyond just the scope of “Brynn needs to save Sieg, oh no.”

Form Your Own Squad of Gods!

You can freely form your own five-Esper squad, making full use of the different positions of the characters and the relationship between the four attributes to reasonably match your team. The wide arrange of Esper available makes every combination possible and provides elasticity for players to develop their playstyle in this turn-based RPG. 

Every Esper has unique skills, so there isn’t any hero that is completely useless. An Esper can be completely useless in this game mode, but it is crucial in the others. That being said, although there’s no wrong answer, I still recommend that you have at least one healer and one support unit to heal your main damage dealers at the front. 

Some of the later stages feature super-fast enemies that won’t stop attacking once their turn is up, and even if your DPS is really strong, there aren’t any skills that will allow you to quickly beat them.

You also need to carefully consider where to allocate the stat boosts from Resonance. Getting the same Esper won’t automatically merge them, and it won’t auto-convert them to shop rewards. Instead, you have to manually Resonate them, and allocate the points to boost their ATK, DEF, or HP. All of these strategy-thinking moments make Dislyte a fun game to play with.

Not Challenging Enough? Try The Trials!

Now, if you think the enemies and bosses of the Main Story are not challenging enough, you can take your squad to challenge other players or even try out various Trial modes, such as the Infinity Tower, and even hunt certain enemy types in Bounties! You can also join a Club with your friends and perform all sorts of tasks together.

Side stories and other additional content are also available for each of your Esper. How did Long Mian become an Esper? What is the truth behind Drey’s past? You can unlock additional fact stories by leveling them up.

Easy Way To Grind, Even When Multitasking

It’s completely normal to be busy with your day-to-day tasks. Heck, even I need to constantly multitask. Lilith Games, the developers of AFK Arena, have also known that this can be an issue, so in Dislyte, you can fight automatically to get resources, and the interface can be minimized to the main screen when fighting, with no need to worry about paying attention 100% to the game.

The game’s vertical screen experience allows you to open the game anytime and anywhere. The Auto-Repeat mode also allows you to just leave your squad playing the same quest over and over, so you can just leave it doing its thing while you write or study.

Vibrant Graphics with Funky-Themed Soundtracks 

Dislyte has a unique pop fantasy style that separates itself from games under the same genre. From the original design of scenes and characters to the animation of battles, Dislyte maintains an absolutely high standard. And it looks very beautiful on an OLED screen, with the vibrant colors of the game really popping out. 

The game also tries to meet the tastes of all kinds of players in terms of content, mood, and gameplay, by mixing and blending music genres such as Pop, Rock, and EDM. Elements of popular music can be found in every corner of Dislyte, allowing every player to immerse themselves in this vibrant and engaging world. 

The character designs are also amazing! Whether it be the waifu or husbando, each of the characters also has a full 3D animation when using their special abilities, and you can also view their illustrations in the Esper menu.

My personal favorite is Tang Xuan, who’s based on the Chinese “Sun WuKong” legend, and also Long Mian, who’s half-human, half-dragon, my favorite type of character when it comes to the mythological aspect.

Is Dislyte Worth a Try?

Overall, I had so much fun exploring the world of Dislyte. The sound effects and graphics were all top-of-the-line and I also thoroughly enjoyed the engaging story. The game systems were simple and easy to pick up upon, with quality-of-life features that reduce the time for all the grinding and farming. The unique and stylish character design also tickles your collector’s heart.  

There aren’t many games on the current mobile market that truly take full advantage of both pop music and the cyberpunk style, which makes Dislyte a great try if you’re already a huge fan of the sci-fi genre alike. That being said, I do wish the developers could expand their scope on the worldview. I would love to see their interpretations of the Japanese mythological creatures, such as the dragon gods, for instance.

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