BanG Dream! Girls Band Party JP x Tokyo Revengers Collab Runs from May 21


The Japanese server of Craft Egg and Bushiroad’s BanG Dream! Girls Band Party revealed an official live broadcast on May 14 that the game will be collaborating with the popular anime series Tokyo Revengers from May 21. Apart from the collab gacha featuring RAISE A SUILEN with Tokyo Revengers’ costumes, two collaboration cover songs, Cry Baby and Tokyo Wonder will also be added to the game.

The broadcast also announced information about the 4th Girls Band Party! Cup, as well as updates to be made in June, and the addition of the cover song “Bokunote” (lyrics by Takuya Ohashi, Shintaro Tsuneda, music by Takuya Ohashi, Shintaro Tsuneda, arrangement by Kotaro Shimoda).

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party x Tokyo Revengers Collab PV

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party x Tokyo Revengers Collab Cover Song – Cry Baby

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party x Tokyo Revengers Collab Event

From May 21, a collaboration project with the TV anime “Tokyo Revengers” will be held. In this collaboration project, members of RAISE A SUILEN will collaborate in in-game events and gacha, add collaborative cover songs, give away collaborative live costumes, and more.

Period: Saturday, May 21, 15:00 – Sunday, May 29, 20:59

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party x Tokyo Revengers Collab
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BanG Dream! Girls Band Party x Tokyo Revengers Collab Characters

The smartphone game will hold an in-game event and gacha inspired by the TV anime “Tokyo Revengers”. The band RAISE A SUILEN will obtain newly-drawn illustrations, such as:

■ 4★ Wakana Rei (LAYER) – CV: Raychell


4★ Tamade Chiyu (CHU²) – CV: Tsumugi Risa


3★ Nyubara Reona (PAREO) – CV: Kurachi Reo


3★ Asahi Rokka (LOCK) – CV: Kohara Riko


3★ Satou Masuki (MASKING) – CV: Natsume


BanG Dream! Girls Band Party x Tokyo Revengers Collab Songs

A total of two collaboration cover songs will be added to commemorate the collaboration project. The collaboration cover songs are Cry Baby sung by RAISE A SUILEN and Tokyo Wonder. The collaboration cover song will be added at 15:00 [JPT] on May 21, when the collaboration begins.


BanG Dream! Girls Band Party x Tokyo Revengers Collab Login Bonus

From May 21 to May 31, a login campaign will be held. During the campaign period, everyone who logs in to the application will receive Star x1000 and Tone Crystal x50 as a gift, as well as up to 1500 additional Stars if players log in during the full 10-day period. That’s 2500 Stars in total, enough for one 10-pull!

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The 4th Girls Band Party! Cup

The 4th edition of the Girl’s Band Party! Cup will be held throughout the year! This is a competition where you can challenge other players who are confident in their skills and aim for the top!

The competition will feature individual and team competitions. In the individual competition, players can participate as a single player, and in the team competition, players can participate in groups of three. Those who wish to participate can take part in both individual and team competitions or only one of the two.

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Future Updates (June)

■ Addition of the “Consume all Live Boosts” Feature
Starting in early June, it will be possible to perform a live concert by consuming all of the Live Boost you have (up to a maximum of 10). There is a limit to the number of times it can be used per day, and some live performances cannot be used.


■ “Combo Status Display” Function Added!
From the beginning of June, while playing a live concert, it will be possible to check the status of how many songs you managed to score an “ALL PERFECT” combo directly from the combo display. This function will be able to be toggled ON or OFF in the options.


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