Fire Force Season 3 Anime & New Mobile Game Confirmed!


On Tuesday, May 17, the official website of the Fire Force anime, announced the production of its third season has been greenlit. The series also announced a new original mobile game, Fire Force: Enbu no Shо̄, which is set to release for mobile in near future.

Fire Force Season 3 Announcement Details

On the Fire Force site, Weekly Shonen Magazine’s issued a statement regarding the end of Fire Force as it releases its final, and 34th volume, on May 17. It followed confirmed that Fire Force: Chapter 3 of the anime was in production.

Fire Force

They continued by stating that, a new, original mobile game adaptation and an online exhibition commemorating the end of the series were also confirmed.

Fire Force S3 002

The new game will be titled Fire Force: Enbu no Shо̄. The band Mrs. Green Apple, who also performed the opening song “Inferno” for the anime’s first season will be performing the game’s theme song, “Endless”. Details of the game will be announced at a later date though it will apparently be a mobile game for iOS and Android!

While The online exhibit is currently viewable, there are many more artworks that will be added to the exhibit. The exhibit’s collection is scheduled to be completed by June 17th and will run until July 17, 2022. Illustrations of the manga by the author, Atsushi Ohkubo, and several manga panels will be available for viewing. Users can also leave their thoughts on the artwork as they view the exhibit.

Special goods will also be produced to commemorate the exhibit.

About Fire Force

Fire Force is a series created by Atsushi Ohkubo, the creator of Soul Eater. The series was published in Weekly Shonen Magazine and has an anime produced by David Production. The story follows Shinra Kusakabe, a young boy with a devilish grin, and dubbed the “Devil’s Footprints” for having the ability to turn his feet into flames. Ostracized as a youth and committed to becoming a hero, Shinra joins the Fire Force, a squad dedicated to taking dealing with Infernals, monsters overcome with flame.

Fire Force S3 004

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