Alchemy Stars Celebrates 1st Anniversary with New Characters, Gameplay Features, and More


Publisher Level Infinite and developer Tourdog Studio unveil their plans for the first-anniversary celebration of their mobile RPG, Alchemy Stars next month. A series of updates, including new characters, in-game rewards, and an all-new gameplay system are on their way!

Alchemy Stars 1st Anniversaty Key Art

Alchemy Stars 1-Year Anniversary Celebration – New Feature

Cloud Gardens is a new feature where players can take respite from battle on their own farm! Create a personalized paradise by purchasing items at the shop and customizing them with decorations. Friends can visit each other’s gardens, share decorating ideas, and bond by enjoying activities together.

Alchemy Stars Cloud Gardens Concept Art

Alchemy Stars 1-Year Anniversary Celebration – New Characters

The Grand Marshal of Illumina, Reinhardt, makes will make a debut during the Alchemy Stars anniversary celebration! Her rebellious and unrestricted nature is known to all in Illumina, though those closest to her will come to know her as an affectionate and sacrificial leader. Reinhardt joins the protagonist in their battle against Forsakin and the Eclipsites, wielding her battle-tested Pentastar lance and powerful lightning-based abilities.

Alchemy Stars Reinhardt

Alchemy Stars 1-Year Anniversary Celebration – New Story Episodes

With the launch of the Anniversary update, new Episodes will be added to Alchemy Star’s main storyline, and here is the synopsis of the new episodes;

“After spending many years away, Reinhardt, the Grand Marshal of Illumina’s defense force, was recalled back to Illumina. Together with her companion Carleen, she began the long journey. Meanwhile, during a routine overhaul of the Colossus, the mechanical giant suddenly and unexpectedly initiated its start-up protocol, forcing it to lose control and take to the skies. 

By tracking the Colossus through its internal systems, our heroes were able to determine its destination: the desolate valley of Eraveil, the home of the Colossus’s production factory. Just as the heroes ventured past the outskirts of Illumina on their quest to find the Colossus, they caught the attention of the Eclipsites. Determined to claim the Colossus for their own evil designs, they began to follow. Can our heroes protect the Colossus and evade the clutches of the Eclipsites?”

Alchemy Stars 1st Anniversaty Key Art 1
Alchemy Stars 1st Anniversaty Key Art 3

Alchemy Stars 1-Year Anniversary Celebration – Login Bonus

In addition to Cloud Gardens and Reinhardt, players that log in during Alchemy Stars’ anniversary week will be gifted with fantastic in-game rewards, including Luambers, which can be exchanged for Aurorian recruitment, a free six-star Aurorian, and more!

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