Sony Makes PS5 Shortage A Top Priority & Expects to Sell 18 million by 2023


Sony had an investor briefing earlier in the month, detailing to investors a number of things regarding the PlayStation brand. One of the key things mentioned in their briefings was a sales forecast of 18 million PS5 units over the next year, suggesting that Sony is confident they can meet the increasing demands of the PS5!

What Sony’s PlayStation Briefing Go Over?

In their briefings, Sony Interactive Entertainment president Jim Ryan, went over the aspects of their PlayStation platforms and IPs. The presentation highlighted that the PS5 is the company’s biggest platform ever, acknowledging the system’s unprecedented demand, the fact that the system has the highest engagement compared to its previous generations, and how they will handle the ongoing PS5 supply issue.

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One of the best pieces of information from the briefing was Sony making the PS5 supply issue a top priority. The company expects that in the following year, the sell-ins for PS5’s to close the gap, and then exceed the amount of PS4s sold. Also stated that they are looking into even more suppliers to help tackle unstable markets, a possible sign of them looking into dealing with scalpers.

They iterated on this further in their financial results where they forecasted the PS5 to sell 18 Million units by the end of the 2023 March fiscal year. They stated this number came from their “current visibility into parts procurement.” showing that Sony is confident that can finally acquire a supply that starts meeting the high demand for the console.

While they claim they can start meeting the demand, It is unlikely that Sony will be able to meet all demand for the PS5, as stated in an interview with VGC, Sony CFO Totoki Hiroki says:

“18 million units is what we feel very comfortable we can get the parts and components for [during FY22], “We feel that there is a little bit higher demand than that, so if the question is if we can meet the demand, I think we’re still short somewhat.”

So the projection of 18 million may even be a conservative number, and if the supply of parts and chips is able to accelerate, they could possibly even meet more of that demand.

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What does this mean for you?

Expect PS5 stocks to increase over the year at an increasing rate, with more venues to be able to purchase it at retail price. With the PS5 having sold over 19 million units in its lifespan till now, Sony’s briefing has stated that they are effectively planning on doubling that sales number by the end of the next fiscal year. With projections that large, you can look forward to possibly being able to finally get your own PS5 within the year!

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