【Qoo@IGS2016】《Marchen Forest (メルヘンフォーレスト ~メルンちゃんと森の贈り物~)》Reviews


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《メルヘンフォーレスト ~メルンちゃんと森の贈り物~》is a 3D adventure game built by unity. The english meaning of the game is : Fairy Tale (German: Märchen) Forest~ Merun-chan and forest gifts. This is a fantasy-styled game, and you are the main character, a mori girl Merun-chan. As a pupil in magical herb forest, you are missioned to wander around and search for items of any kind. From time to time, you can gain better titles and becoming a first-class herbalist.




( σ՞ਊ ՞)σ  These are the titles gained after you have achieved several missions, the glowing  stones represents your progress till first-class!

Before game 1: Brace yourself, Japanese is coming~(●▼●;)

Despite my bad Japanese, I can still read and understand the content of the story. Conversation are presented in easy Japanese, amateurs can grasp this chance to learn the daily phrases.

I guess the level of difficulty is up to like primary school.



Before game 2: Put on your earbuds! ヾ(´︶`*)ノ♬

Music in this game is doing a great job, it feels like I am walking in the grassland of 《Ragnarok Online》, or starting another day in《Harvest Moon》. Really light and relaxing BGM placing players inside the breeze of spring. So don’t forget to turn the volume up!

Be an alchemist in green!

As told by master Grandpa, the Magical Herbology is originated from ancient alchemy. If you are able to collect certain number of specified items Grandpa has ordered, it can be developed into potion.



Simple RPG-like Controls  

By simply tapping, you can lead Merun-chan to examine everywhere in this bizarre forest. Be aware of the “!” mark, it can open up events around you,sometimes you will chit chat with other animals, or they will give you some hints that lead you to wanted objects.



( σ՞ਊ ՞)σ  This fairy and the little birdy will give you hints if you can find them.

The forest is surrounded by delicate wooden huts and mysterious talking animals. I guess no matter fans of《Animal Crossing》or 《Story of Seasons/Harvest Moon》would love it too! As there are fruitful stories among the animals and you can help them all along.

Intercrossing missions! Tons of remarkable occurrences!

Every time you can get a mission from Grandpa, but items acquired will not be cleared once you have finished the main-line request. Therefore you can wander around and enjoy nonlinear gameplay! Let’s clear the various events that take-occur in the forest with it!


( σ՞ਊ ՞)σ There are many stuffs happening at the same time, so don’t forget to talk to everyone to ensure the progress~ (´c_`)Busy Merun-chan~

Opening up easter eggs at surroundings! 

Really detailed storytelling , hiding tons of side missions that will never disappoint you. Just talk to everyone in the forest and you will get lots of requests, then you can find mini-games that are hidden in this lively forest.



( σ՞ਊ ՞)σ This side mission is about helping a penguin to prepare himself to confession. The female penguin is at the other side of the river.

Final Words : Chapter 2 is out there…(✪ω✪)

I would say this game is surprisingly fruitful in content which I do not expect an indie game would have. It contains diversified game modes that keep players in a fresh mood. I can’t imagine a mobile game can even create a mini-《Harvest Moon》. Knowing that chapter 1 comes to an end when you have become a 「一人前の薬師」(first-class pharmacist), the door of chapter 2 opens for all of you!!! I am still not yet there, but I know that there are more exciting systems that keep me holding my mobile!



(Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rdallHn5FQ)

(((゚Д゚;)))What the hack is going on here? An underground maze?! Stuff are getting serious right here…

Marchen Forest 小梅露和森林的贈禮 PrimaryOrbit 評分: 4.6 安裝