【Qoo@IGS2016】《My Café Story 3》REVIEWS


My Café Story 3 is a classic café style game with a twist. Instead of managing a traditional café in which you serve western food to your customers, the game places you in charge of a donburi shop, where you serve customers in a Japanese style restaurant. The game features a farm where you hand pick your ingredients, as well as a menu making section, where you can combine different ingredients in order to create different rice and miso dishes.


The game mechanism is pretty much identical to most other café style games, simple tap mechanics to make food and shop for furniture. A more original part of the game would be the farm, in which you will be able to pick your own ingredients.


The game itself takes a traditionally fun concept and adds a unique Japanese spin to the concept. It also adds rather original ideas including a farm and “diy menu” section. The side stories that come with the game are also quite humorous. This results in a unique café style game experience. One thing that could be improved is the ability to decorate the café. One of the things about a café game that makes it so attractive is the ability to customize the shop to your liking. However, this the one thing the game lacks. Overall, the game is well made, but a bit lacking aesthetically.