【Qoo@IGS2016】Hardcore TD Game!「Defenders Saga (ディフェンダーズ サーガ)」



This is a stereotypical defender game but with a more old school theme and characters that seem to be from the last century.

You place the characters on the map and they will try to prevent the attackers from reaching and destroying your base by killing them. Besides the characters there are also machines to assist you, making the game a little different from other defender games. Characters and machines are also available for upgrade to be made stronger.

In conclusion, if your favourite game style is TD, you must try 「ディフェンダーズ サーガ(Defenders Saga)」. The language for this game is Japanese and only available in Japanese.


ステファン Hero, an all round unit, got a skill to knock back the enemy.
弓兵 A range unit which is specific for killing the “Bird” type enemy.
工兵 The only unit can build in the battle. However, they can’t attack.
バット兵 A melee unit which is specific for killing the “Armor” and “Golem” type enemy.
砲兵 A unit can use AOE attack, but it can’t move in the field. Also, it is specific for killing “Slime” and “Armor” type enemy.
戦士 Tank.
忍者 Ninja with high speed and high critical rate, they also can slow the enemy.
銃兵 A range unit which is specific for killing the “Boss type enemy (Dragon & Golem).
女獣人兵 Inbalance unit, good damage, can do AOE attack with slow effect. They are specific for killing the “Boss type enemy.



Defenders Saga Domia 評分: 4.0 安裝