[Qoo News] Classic erotic game DESIRE has released a teaser for upcoming remaster version


Classic erotic game DESIRE(デザイア)is going to release a remaster version on 27th April this year. The game, DESIRE remaster ver.(デザイア リマスターバージョン), will be available on PC and PS Vita.

∇ Teaser

DESIRE is an adult game that was first released in 1994. It is a visual novel in which players take the role of a news reporter named Albert and investigate the mysterious research centre DESIRE on a desert island. Albert later runs into different girls in the facility and eventually gets caught up in a series of mysterious events as well as a sensual experience.

According to the information released so far, the PC version will not be rated as 18+. It is possible that the remaster version will not include the explicit erotic scenes from the original.

Official Website: DESIRE