[Qoo News] Final Fantasy Remix Ariana Grande – Touch It for Upcoming Collaboration


Previously American pop singer Ariana Grande revealed on her Instagram that she’ll be remade into a playable character in Square Enix’s Final Fnatasy Exvius on Mobile. On 5th January, 2017 Square Enix NA posted on their YouTube Channel a special announcement teasing the Final Fantasy remix of Ariana Grande’s pop hit "Touch It".

The video starts off with Final Fantasy Brave Exvius’ Producer, Kei Hirono, thanking players for their support. Following Kei Hirono’s heartfelt gratitude, composer, producer and song writer, Nick Wood brings us behind the scene to the creation of the remix soundtrack.


Throughout the video, the newly remixed track is used for the background music, giving Final Fantasy fans and Ariana Grade fans alike a preview of what the collaboration brings to light. Asides from the revelation of the collboration track, Hiroko Fujimoto, Producer of Final Fantasy Exvius Global showed a snippet of what Ariana’s character will be like in game.


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