Monster Strike: Ghost Scramble Officially Launches for Smartphones!


Xflag officially launches Monster Strike Ghost Scramble, the latest entry in the Monster Strike franchise and a 3+1 ghost-hunting action game, for Android and iOS today.

Monster Strike Ghost Scramble is a ghost-kicking action game in which up to four players can enjoy co-op battles while making full use of flashlights and drones.

Monster Strike: Ghost Scramble Coming to Smartphones on July 19

Monster Strike: Ghost Scramble PV

Monster Strike Ghost Scramble Gameplay

In Monster Strike: Ghost Scramble, players will form a team of three and play as Busters who fight Ghosts by making full use of their Flashlights, a Mon-Q, which is a friendly Ghost that can’t hurt the players, and finally, one Drone player.

■ Drone Player

The player with the Drone specializes in providing supervision and support to allies. They have a different role from busters, such as giving instructions to busters with a wide field of vision and guidance, dropping items such as barriers and decoys, and recovering HP.

Another feature unique to the drone is its ability to illuminate items and enemies holding spheres that are necessary for clearing the stage and tell the Busters where they are, while moving freely over obstacles in the stage.

■ Buster and Mon-Q Player

The Buster fights using a variety of attack methods, such as the Flashlight Attack, which attacks ghosts with the light of their Light Gun, and the Q Shot, which is used by an allied Ghost called the Mon-Q.

The Q-Shot includes an attack that bounces off walls and obstacles and a powerful laser that shoots in a straight line and inflicts continuous damage, making for an exhilarating attack.

Obstacles In Your Way

In addition to the monsters, there are various other gimmicks that block the player’s way, such as fire radiators, which spew flames in a straight line, and spark jets, which suddenly erupt from the floor.

Of course, touching these gimmicks causes damage, so players can enjoy the tense experience of not only defeating the monsters but also carefully maneuvering to prevent their HP from being depleted.

Dress However You Like!

Players can freely change the head, tops, and various other parts of each avatar they control.

There is a wide variety of dress-up options, so you can enjoy your own unique fashion style, such as cool coordinates utilizing hoodies and jackets, or daring to use different themes for different parts of the avatar.

Monster Strike: Ghost Scramble Monster Design


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Monster Strike: Ghost Scramble Pre-Registration Campaign

To commemorate the release, free gifts such as Pandora Mon-Q and 3,000 orbs (enough for 10 rounds of the gacha) will be given to all players!

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