Artery Gear: Fusion Tier List – Strongest Characters to Reroll for


Presented by Chinese developer Bilibili, Artery Gear: Fusion finally heads to the global market! With an in-depth customization system alongside beautiful 2D battle animations, this turn-based strategy game certainly grabs attention. As you begin your journey as a newly minted commander to save the world, we have prepared an Artery Gear Fusion Tier List that covers some of the best girls that you should definitely reroll for in order to accelerate player progression.

Even though different characters are separated by rarity, each girl has her own role to play in battles. 3-star or 4-star character can even perform better than a 5-star character, depending on your party composition. This tier list is created based on observations made in-game, so feel free to use any characters of your liking!

Artery Gear Fusion Tier List


★5 Ginga

Ginga is a Thunder Assault artery gear, that possesses a powerful Ultimate Skill that increases the damage dealt based on the number of debuffs on the target enemy. Her other skills help support her offensive potential, applying Shock debuffs at a fairly high rate. She is a staple for farming the Promised Land, which is where many players will acquire the gear needed for high-level content.

Artery Gear: Fusion Tier List - Best Artery Gear to Reroll for

5 Sirius

Sirius is a speed demon and an outstanding Crystal Assault artery gear. Though she lacks any sort of defensive skills, Sirius’ skill kit revolves around buffing her speed stat so that it is high enough to pose threats to puppets before they can harm her. Her skills also deal more damage based on her speed, so it is highly recommended to make her as fast as possible. The icing on the cake is her Ultimate Skill, which extends her speed buff and makes her land a kill.

Artery Gear: Fusion Tier List - Best Artery Gear to Reroll for

★5 Shyura

Shyura is an offensive juggernaut that can deal high amounts of damage with the help of her Ultimate Skill, debuffing the ATK of enemies while enhancing the effect of her own skills by granting herself a “Shyura Mode”. She can also inflict DEF down, rendering enemies powerless against her attacks. Her basic attack can’t be riposted while Shyura is under the effect of “Shyura Mode”, making her a viable choice against any type of enemy. 

image 23

★4 Alice

Though lacking in offensive might, her skill kit of Alice is more than enough to make up by helping her allies take more turns while delaying turns that enemies can take by inflicting a Slow debuff with her Ultimate Skill. As she can grant an ally an Extra Turn while making her own turn come sooner, Alice can easily take advantage of the game’s combat system, making most difficult fights a breeze.

image 24


★5 Quinn

Quinn is able to buff the party with ATK and speed buffs, which help increase the overall offensive might of the team. More importantly, her skills become more powerful based on her speed stat, and her basic attack has a chance to prevent an enemy from healing themselves for two turns, with a useful Ultimate Skill that delays the turn for all targets hit.

image 25

★5 Milvus

Milvus is another Molten Assault artery gear, though, unlike Shyura, her skill kit is better suited to taking on multiple enemies. Her second skill will reset the cooldown if she defeats any enemies using it, while her Ultimate Skill inflicts DEF down on her enemies while allowing her next turn to come sooner. She also has a 70% chance to inflict Freeze with it, preventing afflicted enemies from taking their next turn!

image 26

★5 Hearin

Hearin is a Crystal Repair artery gear that can provide plenty of healing to your party. Her excellent healing skill makes her an irreplaceable choice for difficult fights or PvP. She can also clear all the debuffs from her party members while decreasing the time for each party member to take their next turn.

image 27

★4 Ruri

Ruri possesses powerful multi-target attacks, proving her worth both in PVE and PVP. Her second skill will reduce her skill cooldowns by one round if she kills an enemy with it, and the attack will deal advantageous damage to all enemies regardless of their element! Her Ultimate Skill will grant Ruri an Extra Turn if she lands a critical hit on at least two enemies, helping her to mow down waves of enemies even faster.

image 28


★5 Ghost

Ghost’s skill kit makes her a good pick for any content, being able to remove buffs and inflict Silence on enemies. Her Ultimate Skill is extremely powerful and deals more damage if the enemy has a buff while dispelling it after the attack lands. However, as there are other artery gears that can perform better than Ghost in certain situations, especially if the enemy does not rely on buffing, she was placed under A-Tier in this Artery Gear: Fusion Tier List.

image 29

★4 Senba

Senba possesses a useful ability that grants her a free revival if HP drops to 0, though this requires her to use her Ultimate Skill first and costs 20% of her current HP. She can also buff her own speed and deals more damage if she has less HP. Lastly, her basic attack can restore her own HP, making her a self-sufficient unit.

image 30

★3 Grace

Don’t be fooled by her low rarity; Grace is a powerful Thunder Assault artery gear with a useful skill kit. Though she relies heavily on landing critical hits in order to take more turns and lower her skill cooldowns, Grace’s bread and butter is her usage of her Ultimate Skill, which deals more damage based on the amount of HP lost by enemy targets. As an added bonus, her Ultimate Skill will reset its cooldown if she manages to kill an enemy with it.

image 31


★5 Kagari

Kagari is a Molten Tactical artery gear that can delay enemy turns. Her first and second skills can increase the amount of time it takes for enemies to take their turn, and her Ultimate Skill dispels buffs and inflicts Slow to all enemies while dealing respectable damage.

image 33

★4 Corax

Corax can grant herself the Stealth buff with her Ultimate Skill, which prevents her from being targeted and decreases the amount of damage she takes from AOE attacks. Her Ultimate Skill also inflicts Stun on an enemy if they are not immune. Corax can also buff her speed, and her skills deal more damage based on the value of her speed stat. If she has the Stealth buff, her basic attack will delay the enemy target’s next turn.

image 34

★3 Roko

Roko is another low-rarity artery gear that should not be underestimated, considering her ability to inflict Corrosion that deals a high amount of damage to a single enemy. Her skill kit revolves around this debuff, lowering her skill cooldowns if the enemy has the Corrosion debuff, and she can also extend the duration of the debuff on the enemy with her second skill. Roko will struggle immensely if the enemy can resist or clear the Corrosion debuff.

image 32

Artery Gear Fusion Tier List – Final Tips

One of the core aspects of Artery Gear: Fusion is the way players can customize squads in order to progress through tough challenges. Though many artery gears may go unmentioned in this tier list, they are not useless by any means. Players can easily use their favorites to succeed with enough investment.

Artery Gear: Fusion has several free units that are extremely useful for new players, such as Morris and Shinobu. The former is an excellent healer, while the latter is a decent Thunder Assault artery gear that can deal high damage when an enemy has less than 50% of their HP. But of course, if you are aiming for a stronger unit to start the game, we strongly encourage you to get one or two high-tier girls from this Artery Gear: Fusion Tier List.

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