Apex Legends-Themed Nessie Cafe Opens in Japan on July 22


While it’s definitely still a while until Japan opens its borders to all visitors, we can check out the Apex Legends-themed “Nessie Cafe” which will open its doors in Japan! The Nessie Cafe features a variety of desserts and meals based on Apex Legend’s mascot Nessie, and drinks based on every legend in the game along with limited-time postcards and merch!

The Nessie Cafe opens at the Tower Records Cafe in Shibuya, from July 22, to August 14, and will also be open at NU Chayamachi in Umeda from August 20 to September 6. Details on how to reserve seats for the cafe and covid restrictions are available on their official blog post.

Apex Legends Nessie Cafe – Food Menu

The Nessie Cafe will open with an assortment of Nessie-themed foods and snacks! Check out the Nessie and Watson curry, or Nessie’s Easter Egg Salad Pizza, and the Supplies Box sandwich that comes in a packaging similar to the supply boxes found in Apex!

Apex Legends

Have a bit of a sweet tooth? Try Nessie and Watson’s Orange Crackling parfait that will leave a tingle in your mouth, or the Nessie pancakes with a little image of Nessie printed on them, or the Nessie Surfaces Cake with him erupting out from the water!

Apex Legends Nessie Cafe – Drinks Menu

Instead of getting downed, down these drinks instead! The Cafe introduces a wide variety of “image drinks”, all named after the legends! With over 20 drinks, do you think you can guess what flavors these will comprise of, and would you try making these at home?

You can also purchase a Nessie original drink, and the Nessie PANKAN to take home with you to remember your trip!

■ The Bloodhound and The Gibraltar

■ The Lifeline and The Pathfinder

■ The Wraith, and The Bangalore

■ The Caustic and The Mirage

■ The Octane and The Watson

nessie cafe apex 011 1

■ The Crypto and The Revenant

nessie cafe apex 012 3

■ The Loba and The Rampart

nessie cafe apex 013 3

■ The Horizon and The Fuze

nessie cafe apex 014 2

■ The Valkyrie and The Seer

nessie cafe apex 015 3

■ The Ash and The Mad Maggie

nessie cafe apex 016 3

■ The New Castle and The Nessie Latte

nessie cafe apex 017 2
nessie cafe apex 018 3
nessie cafe apex 019 3

Apex Legends Nessie Cafe – Commemorative Goods

Customers that spend over JPY$1,000 at the cafe will also be able to receive a postcard! There are 22 postcards available, presumably based on every legend, and Nessie. The postcards will be given to customers at random during the first and second rounds of the cafe being opened.

Customers can also purchase a special purple Nessie Plush available in a “Mega” size! The plushie will apparently be approximately 30 cm in height for JPY$4,950! You can also purchase a Nessie Cafe original wood plate used to serve the Easter Egg Salad Pizza for JPY$2,750! No images were available of these products at the time of writing but we will update you with images of them when they are available!

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