Puzzle and Dragons JP x Kingdom Collab Launches on July 2!


Puzzle and Dragons is finally collaborating with the anime, Kingdom, based on Yasuhisa Hara’s manga! The collaboration event will bring 19 new characters characters from the Kingdom Anime to the game, including Ou Ki, Shin, Karyo Ten, Kyou Kai, Ei Sei and more! The remaining 14 characters have yet to be revealed, but Gung Ho is hosting a live stream on June 30 with more details!

The collaboration event will be held from July 2, 12:00 [JST] to July 16 11:59 [JST].

Puzzle and Dragons x Kingdom New Characters

Five new characters were revealed in the Puzzles and Dragon collab, with 18 other related characters soon to be announced! Check out their art, and assist items below!

■ Ou Ki

Puzzle and dragons

■ Ou Ki’s Army Flag

■ Ou Ki’s Halberd

■ Shin

■ Shin’s Sword

■ Shin’s Qin Banner

Karyo Ten

■ Karyo Ten’s Poncho

■ Karyo Ten’s Blowgun

■ Kyou Kai

puzzle and dragons x kingdom collab 016 1

■ Ryoku Sui

■ Kyou Kai’s Bandana

■ Ei Sei

■ Ei Sei’s Sword

Puzzle and Dragons x Kingdom Live Stream

Gung Ho is hosting a livestream on June 30 to explore the rest of the collaboration! Details on the remaining characters will be revealed here, along with the event missions, rewards, and more.

Tune into the stream on June 30, 20:00 [JST]!

About Kingdom

Kingdom is a historical-drama manga series written by Yasuhisa Hara, The series follows the real-life events of the Qin Dynasty, leading to the eventual rise of Ei Sei to become the First Emperor of Qin. The story follows Xin, a young boy who aspires to be a master general with his friend Piao. After learning of the plot to kill the youngest Emperor of China, Heisei. Xin Embarks on a journey through bloodshed, assassins, and war, to help Ei Sei retake his rightful place as the ruler of the Qin dynasty.

Kingdom has also been adapted an anime series with currently four seasons, a live-action film, and a sequel to that film set to premiere later this year, and has also sold over 87 million copies making it one of the best-selling manga of all time, and won the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize.

puzzle and dragons x kingdom collab 021 1

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