Code: To Jin Yong Reveals Stunning Wuxia Gameplay Showcase


PUBG Mobile developer LightSpeed Studios released a brand new trailer for their upcoming martial-arts game, Code: To Jin Yong. The game’s new trailer shows off stunning graphics made in Unreal Engine 5, and stylish martial-arts gameplay coming from an R&D engine of the game.

Code: To Jin Yong’s namesake is a tribute to the late Jin Yong, a prolific Chinese martial arts novelist and known to be one of the greatest Wuxia writers of all time. The game is stated to be an adaptation of Jin Yong’s works, dedicating the gameplay to Wuxia techniques and mythology created by Jin Yong.

Code: To Jin Yong

Code: To Jin Yong Reveal Trailer

About Code: To Jin Yong

Developed by Lightspeed Studios, Code: To Jin Yong is based on the critically acclaimed Wuxia novels by novelist Jin Yong. The game promises a vast, filled world available for exploration using the techniques of Chinese martial arts, with real-time 3d technology and featuring heroes such as Yang Guo, Qiao Feng, Linghu Chong, and many more from his works.

The project internally titled “Jin Yong Wuxialands” aims to promote and bring about the world of Chinese martial arts to a global audience and revive the genre. The game also promises a unique physics engine that will power the game’s many martial arts techniques.

code to jin yong 00 4
code to jin yong 00 2
code to jin yong 00 3
code to jin yong 00 6
code to jin yong 00 7
code to jin yong 00 8

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