Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Launch Trailer Reveals Seething Bazelgeuse DLC


Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak keeps on giving with its return of fan-favorite monsters! Raging Rajang, Shagaru Magala from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and Scorned Magnamalo were revealed in the game’s launch trailer!

Capcom also further elaborated on the game’s DLC roadmap by revealing Seething Bazelgeuse returning in August’s free title update with Lucent Nargacuga!

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is available now on Nintendo Switch and PC, with a demo now available if you haven’t decided on whether you want to buy it!

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Returning Monsters

Sunbreak has finally arrived! For those that have yet to get the game, a launch trailer came out showing off returning fan-favorite monsters, the Heavenly Revolving Dragon, Shagaru Magala! This powerful evolved version of a Gore Magala brings with it powerful, grand-shaking versions of Gore Magalas attacks, and a new beam attack! Raging Rajang also makes a return from Monster Hunter World, and Magnamalo becomes more powerful, as the Scorned Magnamalo sub-species!

Coming as DLC is Seething Bazelgeuse making its return from Monster Hunter World Iceborne! This powerful sub-species of Bazelgeuse hosts even more dangerous explosive sacks, and it’s signature “nuclear” blast attack!

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About Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

An Expansion to Monster Hunter Rise, Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is the “ultimate” version of Monster Hunter Rise! With several new monsters introduced and a new master difficulty, journey to the distant kingdom of Elgado, and be ready to defend the Kingdom from the greatest threats it has ever known, the Garangolm, the Lunagaron, and the vampire-like elder dragon, Malzeno!

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