Captain Velvet Meteor Brings Jump+ Heroes to the Tactical RPG, including Loid from Spy X Family


Shueisha Games unveiled a new trailer for their tactical adventure game Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions during today’s Nintendo Direct Mini. The trailer has a short look at the story, as well as the game visuals and gameplay.

The story of Captain Velvet Meteor revolves around Damien, a creative and imaginative teenager born into a binational French-Japanese family. Suddenly, his personal world shatters when his parents tell him that they have decided to leave France to go live in Japan, a country he mostly knows about from all the manga he reads. Along the way, he imagines a roster of his favorite Jump+ characters filling his adventures, and most importantly the famous characters from Shonen Jump+ will appear in this game for real.

The game is available to pre-order now on the Switch eShop for USD$24.99, and it has a planned release date of July 28.

Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions Character Line-Up

■ Loid Forger from Spy X Family

captain velvet char3
captain velvet char2
captain velvet aboutgame13238323
captain velvet spy family
captain velvet spy family2

■ Princess from Tis Time for Torture, Princess

captain velvet mangapicture
captain velvet char2121212123213123123
captain velvet princess1
captain velvet princess2
captain velvet aboutgame132359323

■ Chloe Love from GHOST GIRL

captain velvet char1112212
captain velvet char1
captain velvet ghostgirl1
captain velvet ghostgirl2
captain velvet aboutgame1323232323

More characters were also announced, such as Kafka Hibino from Kaiju No.8, Chrom from HEART GEAR, Slime from Slime Life, Gabimaru from Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku and Ushio Kofune from Summer Time Rendering.

About Captain Velvet Meteor

Damian, a shy boy, creates an imaginary “hero” named “Captain Velvet Meteor” when he moves to Japan. In his imaginary world, he starts an adventure with his favorite Jump+ hero! Will he be able to overcome difficulties and regain his peace of mind? Players can enjoy an exhilarating tactical adventure as you pummel your enemies!

captain velvet aboutgame1
captain velvet aboutgame2

The game also features exploration parts, where you go on a little adventure to your grandma’s house! In battles, you and your “buddy” Jump+ heroes can work together to defeat enemies using power combos and assist combos!

captain velvet aboutgame12w31232
captain velvet aboutgame112121212121212
captain velvet aboutgame43901391

An Effort Between Momo-Pi and Shueisha Games

Developer Momo-Pi Game Studio is a small studio led by Rinaldo Wirz, a Swiss artist living in Japan. The studio has members coming from all over the world and have combine their cultural backgrounds and experiences to create unique and original ideas, and their “Persephone” won the “Shueisha Shonen Jump + Award” at the Google Play Indie Game Festival 2019.

Captain Velvet Meteor: A Jump + “Small” Adventure in a Different World” is the result of Shueisha’s and Shonen Jump +’s editorial team’s first attempt to bring a popular manga work to a small studio in its entirety.

captain velvet aboutstudio
captain velvet aboutstudio2

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