Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher Announced for 2022


In a weird but welcome surprise, Bandai Namco announced the release of a spinoff game to the Monster Rancher franchise, Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher! This title is a collaboration between the Monster Rancher series and the Ultra Kaiju of the Ultraman action programs! Raise your own gigantic kaiju by training, adventuring, and nurturing them to become the strongest in the land!

Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher is set for release on Nintendo Switch, in 2022!

Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher – 1st Trailer

Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher Features

■ Ultra Kaiju meets Monster Rancher
Raise your own kaiju from the Ultraman franchise in Monster Rancher! Train, feed, take them on adventures, and make them study to improve their stats to raise the best monster out there! Send them on errantry with a rival to motivate them!

At this special Monster Ranch, players will the opportunity to intimately observe their behavior up-close, something the original games didn’t allow!

Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher
ultra kaiju monster rancher 9
ultra kaiju monster rancher 12
ultra kaiju monster rancher 13

Over 200 Monsters!
Featuring over 200 Ultra Kaiju, you’ll be able to look at your favorite monsters, and even find new ones! Combine monsters together to create unique combinations, such as the Zetton-patterned Gomora!

ultra kaiju monster rancher 5
ultra kaiju monster rancher 10
ultra kaiju monster rancher 11
ultra kaiju monster rancher 16

■ Monster Battles!
The monster battles of Monster Rancher become even more explosive than ever! With such gigantic creatures, the very earth will shake whenever these creatures do battle with their iconic and varied attacks!

ultra kaiju monster rancher 001
ultra kaiju monster rancher 15
ultra kaiju monster rancher 4

■ Monster Generation
Generate monsters using the Song Search function from the original series and generate a new Kaiju! You can even create new monsters by using NFC-Enabled devices with your controllers!

Anything from transport ID cards, mobile phones, tickets, and more! Try whatever you have lying around and see what Kaiju you’ll get, you never know what might show up!

ultra kaiju monster rancher 7

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