WIXOSS Multiverse HTML5 Game Launches on G123 Platform Worldwide


CTW announced that the HTML5 game WIXOSS Multiverse, based on the popular trading card game WIXOSS, is now available globally on the G123 gaming service on June 30.

The game features fully-automatic turn-based battles in which the player organizes the main character and his/her five companions. Embark on a journey with Alto (CV: Erisa Kuon) and form a team with her five friends! Easy and simple turn-based battle!

WIXOSS Multiverse HTML5 Game Launches on G123 Platform Worldwide
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WIXOSS Multiverse PV

SSRs Featuring Five Evolution Stages!

Each SSR features an illustration. That illustration “grows” by performing awakenings, for up to five changes in total. In addition, the final illustration is an original design!

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Featuring All the Characters From the WIXOSS Series!

A total of over 60 characters from both TCG and anime appear as playable characters. You can even play with the characters you never dreamed of in anime. Combine your favorite characters to form your own dream team.

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WIXOSS Multiverse Characters and Cast

■ Alto – CV: Erisa Kuon & Burst-chan – CV: Ribu Mukai

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■ Hirana – CV: Saya Fukudzumi

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■ Rei – CV: Haruka Shiraishi

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■ Akino – CV: Shizuku Hoshinoya

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■ Tama – CV: Misaki Kuno

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■ Code Piruruku – CV: Saori Ōnishi

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■ Yuzuki – CV: Ayane Sakura

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■ Ulysses – CV: Rie Kugimiya

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Lots of Free Rewards As a Thanks to Players!

■ Reward No. 1: 7-day login bonus with luxurious rewards!

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■ Reward No. 2: Clear any 8 stages and get a free SSR [Blue Remembrance] Rurig!

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■ Reward No. 3: Play the game for more than an hour and get a free SSR Yuka Yuka!

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Super Discount Gift Packs

In the in-game shop of WIXOSS Multiverse, you can buy the 10-yen Gift Pack and get a ticket for a gacha pull that guarantees the SSR Midori-Hime (CV: Minami Takahashi)! She is a powerful unit that can be used immediately from the beginning of the game!

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In addition, you can get a Scout Ticket for a tenfold every day for 7 days after purchase, making this pack a very good deal. There are other limited packs available, so check out the game!

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