World Flipper JP x KonoSuba Collab Begins on June 30


Kazuma and his party from KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!, are coming to World Flipper! The collaboration brings a free login bonus of up to 3750 star guide stones, Kazuma, Megumin, Aqua, and Darkness will join the battle, and a new event story is available!

The World Flipper x KonoSuba collab begins on June 30, 12:00 [JST] to July 14, 20:59 [JST].

World Flipper x KonoSuba

World Flipper x KonoSuba New Story

Enjoy a brand new event story featuring the KonoSuba Gang! One day while Kazuma was casually drifting between worlds, he meets Ark and his friends, and from this fated encounter, begins a comedic slapstick crisis!

World Flipper x KonoSuba New Characters

Joining the game are Satou Kazuma and his party! With their original voice actors, Megumin, Darknes, and Aqua are available now in the KonoSuba Pickup gacha as 5-star characters. Kazuma meanwhile is available as a free 4-star unit you can pick up from playing the event! Don’t miss your chance to pick up these characters before they leave the game on July 14!

Gacha Period: June 30, 12:00 [JST] to July 14, 20:59 [JST]

■ Megumin – CV: Takahashi Rie

■ Aqua – CV: Sora Amamiya

■ Darkness – CV: Ai Kayano

■ Kazuma – CV: Jun Fukushima

World Flipper x KonoSuba Login Bonus

To celebrate the collaboration between World Flipper and KonoSuba, the game is giving out 3000 gems for players that log in to the game during the event! Players will also receive 50 gems every day for 15 days, totaling up to 750 gems!

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