New Costumes for Elly & Gilbert! Design and Win Wacom Intuos Pro large & Clip Studio Paint!


QooApp Costume Design Contest is now calling for applications! Mr.Qoo’s birthday party, one of the major events on QooApp, is about to be held in August! In order to make all otaQoos participating in the event have a sense of ceremony no matter where they are, Mr.Qoo has invited everyone to go to the beach to celebrate his birthday this year!

Oh no!!! Mr. Qoo invites everyone to join his beachside birthday party but Elly and Gilbert have no suitable costumes! Hey, you! Would you like to help and make them a new costume in this QooApp Costume Design Contest?

QooApp Costume Design Contest Details

Theme: Beachside Vacation

How to Join QooApp Costume Design Contest?

1. Design Elly or Gilbert a New costume with the theme “Beachside Vacation”

2. Submit your design through Facebook or Twitter with #EllyNewCostume2022 or #GilbertNewCostume2022 and #QooApp

3. Wait for the Voting Stage to begin!

Any Limitations?

We hope everyone can be creative in their design! 

✅ By that we mean that it’s OK for you to:

– Give them new hairstyles (e.g. short hair, ponytails, etc.)
– Partially change the hair colors or eye colors (e.g. Hair highlight, odd eyes, etc.)
– Skin tone (e.g. Tanned Elly/Gilbert!)
– Add new elements (e.g. Animal ears, tails, wings, etc.)

❌ For limitations, we hope you can AVOID:

– Changing their physical appearances (e.g. Loli Elly, Grandpa Gilbert, etc.)
– Changing their genders
– Making other changes that may cause characters to lose their recognizability

Design Examples

QooApp Costume Design Contest

Join and Take Home Wacom Intuos Pro large & CLIP STUDIO PAINT!


?1st prize: Wacom Intuos Pro large+CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX 12-month activation code (1 winner)
?2nd Prize: CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX 12-month activation code (1 winner)
?3rd Prize: CLIP STUDIO PAINT Pro 12-month activation code (3 winners)

?LUCKY DRAW for voters: CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO 6-month activation code (3 winners)

※ Considering that the one-time paid CSP is only for PC use, we have changed the prize to a redemption code, which can be used on multiple devices (PC/Android/iOS) at the same time.

※ The redemption codes are officially sponsored by CLIP STUDIO PAINT (CELSYS, Inc.)

?Event Timetable:

7/4 ~ 7/25: Design Submission period ◀ NOW!
7/29: Voting starts!
8/13: Voting Ends.

Within 7 days after voting ended: Result Announcement!


1. No size limitation for the picture but you must include a 3-sided design sheet.

2. You can submit your design for Elly or Gilbert or both of them.

3. You can submit designs multiple times.

4. It is forbidden to plagiarize a third party’s design. All submissions that violate this rule will be considered invalid. Users shall bear legal responsibility.

5. The design and info provided must not transmit violent or sexual expressions; expressions that lead to discrimination by race, national origin, creed, sex, social status, family origin, etc.; expressions that induce or encourage suicide, self-injury behavior, or drug abuse; or anti-social expressions that include anti-social content and lead to the discomfort of others.

6. If the event cannot be executed due to special circumstances, QooApp has the right to decide to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend this event. QooApp reserves the right to the final decision.

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