Altergear’s First-Ever Title Soukaitenki, Coming to Switch on December 8


Altergear, the recently announced alternative brand from Idea Factory that focused on friendship and bonding between men, announced that their first-ever title, Soukaitenki, will release on December 8 for the Nintendo Switch.

Pre-orders for Soukaitenki are available starting today. Those who pre-order can obtain a CD called God of Troublesome Gods, where fans can enjoy the dialogue between the six characters. A special edition will also be available for sale.

Soukaitenki Teaser PV

Soukaitenki Story

Minato is an amnesiac boy who remembers only his name and was banished as an exile―someone who has committed a crime on Ikishima, an island far from the mainland. Unable to comprehend the situation, the mysterious Minato is accepted by island boys Kazuya, Nagisa, and Reiji, with whom he gradually forms strong “bonds” as they interact, occasionally fight, and grow.

Although his memory had not returned, Minato was living a new and peaceful life. However, the powers of darkness were gradually stealing the sunlight from this peaceful island far from the mainland. What future will Minato arrive at and build up as he defies, follows, and faces the difficulties of the destiny and mission expected of him by the gods?

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Altergears First Ever Title Soukaitenki Coming to Switch on December 8 5
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Soukaitenki Main Characters

■ Minato – CV: Daiki Yamashita

A boy who lost his memory and was cast away to an island as an exile. He is well-liked by those around him for his politeness and gentle nature that allows him to understand people’s pain. He sometimes hears a voice calling him in his head, and he wonders if it has anything to do with his lost memories.

soukai tenki charimg 2

■ Reiji – CV: Yūichirō Umehara

A young man works as the chief priest’s assistant at a shrine on the island.

He spends most of his time at the shrine training, and although he is somewhat unfamiliar with the mundane world, he is a firm believer at heart. He thinks logically and has a strong sense of responsibility, and takes a firm stand against injustice.

On the other hand, he is also a good-natured person who cannot leave those in trouble alone. He accepts Minato, who at one time was wary of being an exile, and gives him a live-in job at the shrine.

soukai tenki charimg 3

■ Kazuya – CV: Kaito Ishikawa

He is the son of a fisherman on the island. He has a good eye for people, and he sees that Minato, who is a castaway and has lost his memory, is not a bad guy, and he becomes his first friend.

He also notices Minato’s martial arts ability and invites him to join his navy, which he has created himself, with the ambition of someday leaving the island and making a career for himself in the navy.

He is a naturally caring person who is also a big brother to Minato, and he asks Minato to live and work at the shrine where Reiji lives. Yoshitaka sees his talent as a spear fighter, and he is trained in the art.

soukai tenki charimg 4

■ Nagisa – CV: Yoshiki Tani

A quick-witted and gifted in the art of navigation young man. He is a natural and honest learner, and absorbs things quickly and with sincerity. However, perhaps because he is a genius and a natural, he is also a younger brother who can be a bit of a jerk to those around him.

He is not strong enough for his island upbringing and is not as strong as the other children around him, so he speaks with a lack of confidence. On the other hand, he is also very curious and is willing to try anything that interests him.

soukai tenki charimg 5

■ Gento – CV: Taiyō Ayukawa

He is a free spirit who sees the big picture and moves freely, unbound by things, and has a natural chieftain’s temperament. He was famous in many places as a chivalrous man with a strong sense of duty, but when the sun stopped rising on the mainland, he came to the island of the exiles.

He seems to know Minato, but Minato does not remember him. He is also a reliable person who can speak frankly to adults such as Kuki and Murakami. In fact, he has a secret that he has not revealed to his friends on the island…

soukai tenki charimg 6

■ Kagerou – CV: Shota Takasaki

He is a master of Tachi-mai, a type of kagura that is said to slay demons and is Minato’s older brother. He is compassionate, warm in character, and polite in speech. He is deeply religious and willingly accepts the oracle of Amaterasu Omikami to serve as a deity.

His strong sense of responsibility sometimes causes him to overextend herself, and people around her sometimes worry about him. The key to their disappearance seems to lie in Minato’s lost memories…

soukai tenki charimg 7

Soukaitenki Special Edition

The special edition of Soukaitenki includes a newly-recorded drama CD called “Future Happiness”, a bonus booklet, and four other special extras! The bonus booklet is a newly written novel about Minato and Kagerou’s Big Fight. Also included are a set of 7 character cards and a soundtrack CD.

Each Japanese store will also offer special perks that can only be obtained exclusively through their pre-orders, such as goods using freshly drawn illustrations and a newly recorded drama CD of Soukaitenki. More details will be revealed on the official website and SNS at a later date.


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