Heaven Burns Red Gets Steam Port; Main Story Chapter 4 Releases on July 29


Wright Flyer Studios announced that Heaven Burns Red will open the first part of the fourth chapter of its main story on July 29 at 11:00 [JST]. To celebrate the opening of the first part of the fourth chapter and its half-anniversary on August 10, a campaign will be launched so players can further enjoy Heaven Burns Red in various ways! Also, Heaven Burns Red is also getting a Steam Port in Japan, where players can crossplay the game between PC and smartphones.

Heaven Burns Red Main Story Chapter 4 PV

Heaven Burns Red Chapter 4 Login Bonus

Login into the game from July 29 to August 24 for 10 consecutive days to get an SS-Guaranteed Tenfold Ticket!

Heaven Burns Red Gets Steam Port; Main Story Chapter 4 Releases on July 29

Heaven Burns Red Half-Anniversary Gacha

The Half Anniversary Gacha is now open! New styles such as the [Heart Inspiration] SS Erika Aoi, [Natsu Tsubaki, Keuranaru Yohkousei] SS Yuki Izumi, and [Innocent Desire] SS Tama Kunimi will appear, and they’re all available as rate-ups!

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Half-Anniversary Once-a-Day Free Gacha

The Half Anniversary Once-a-Day Free Gacha is available now until August 21! During this period, you can draw a limited number of gacha for free once a day every day. Don’t miss this opportunity to get free units!

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Heaven Burns Red Half-Anniversary Party Gacha

In commemoration of the game’s half anniversary on July 24, the Half Anniversary Party Gacha will be held! Compared to the regular gacha, the offered ratio of SS styles will be 1.5 times higher! In addition, costume change SS styles will also be available as pickups and their rates will be increased!

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Chapter 4 Premium Pack Celebration

To celebrate the opening of the first part of the fourth chapter of the main story, we are selling a special pack that includes paid quartz and a Half Anniversary Ticket!
Half Anniversary Tickets can be used in the Half Anniversary Gacha.

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Heaven Burns Red Steam Port

Finally, Heaven Burns Red is coming soon to Steam! The Steam version will allow you to enjoy Heaven Burns Red’s story and battles on a large screen with 4K resolution.

In addition, by connecting to your smartphone, you can play the same game data on both the Steam version and the smartphone version. This allows for a wider range of play styles, such as using your smartphone in your spare time and enjoying the game on the big screen of your PC at home!

Unfortunately, the Steam port is available in Japan only and details can be found HERE.

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