Uma Musume Pretty Derby 1.5 Anniversary Campaign Begins August 16; Collab with The Idolmaster Announced!


Cygames’ Uma Musume Pretty Derby mobile game revealed the latest information and future updates in its official Paka Live Vol. 19 broadcast program streamed on July 27. The game not only confirmed a series of campaigns to celebrate its 1.5 anniversary but also revealed three new Uma Musume that will be joining the game. A collaboration with the mobile rhythm game Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage is also confirmed!

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Uma Musume Pretty Derby 1.5 Anniversary Campaign

A campaign will be held to commemorate the 1.5th anniversary of Uma Musume Pretty Derby. As the first step, a countdown login bonus and a daily free gacha pull will be available from August 16. More campaigns will be revealed at a later date.

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New Training Scenario

A new training scenario “Connect, Illuminate, Draw. Our Grand Drive” will be available in late August.

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New Gacha

From July 29, the summer version of Mejiro McQueen and Gold Ship will appear in the Pickup Pretty Derby Gacha, and two new support cards will appear in the Pickup Support Card Gacha.

★3 [Ripples Fairlady] Mejiro McQueen

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★3 [RUN! Ran! Launcher!!] Gold Ship

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SSR [Centimeter Warning ♪] Maruzensky

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SSR [Leave yourself to Ichitenchiroku] Nakayama Festa

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“Great Brawl !? Summer ☆ Vacation” Story event

The next story event “Great Brawl !? Summer ☆ Vacation” will be held from 12:00 [JPT] on July 29. The horse girls will be having a water gun battle in this summer event.

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Join the event to get SSR Support Card [Choberig heart, cherry blossom heart] Sakura Chiyono O!

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New Uma Musume Joining the Game!

Four new Uma Musume will be joining the game, including Daring Tact, Hokko Tarumae, Wonder Acute. Their character visuals are also newly revealed.

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The previously announced Sakura Laurel will be voiced by Mizuki Mano, and Copano Ricke will be voiced by Konomi Inagaki.

4th Event Extra Stage

An additional performance of the 4th event, titled “Uma Musume Pretty Derby 4th EVENT SPECIAL DREAMERS !! EXTRA STAGE” is scheduled to be held at Belluna Dome, Saitama on November 5 and 6. Details can be found on the special site.

As a visitor privilege, a special postcard set will be presented at the time of admission. It is a set of six postcards featuring specially designed character illustrations dressed in “New Stars Rose”.

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The Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage x Uma Musume Pretty Derby Collab

A collaboration with The Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage mobile game has also been confirmed. The rhythm game will feature a cover version of Umapyoi Densetsu as a playable song. Collab icons and pose will also be available. Details of the collaboration will be revealed later.

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