Alice Fiction Tier List – Who is the Strongest Character?


The newly released Alice Fiction is a turn-based combat mobile title developed by WonderPlanet, featuring 2D pixel combat sprites and a fully voiced main story. Entering the cyber network of ALICE, the protagonist’s visit is disrupted when a girl named Minato sacrifices herself to protect them from a rogue Pawn’s attack. Equipped with the mysterious Chronometer, the protagonist is resolved to save their alleged sister and discover why their memories were wiped in the first place.

The title features a battle system in which players have to touch panels to power up characters, with longer combos rewarding a higher damage multiplier! Contrary to most gacha RPGs that blend all pools together, Alice Fiction separates its gacha pools between Characters/Folklore and World Memories. Note that this Alice Fiction Tier List will only cover the former, though.

Keep in mind that while characters listed in higher tiers are powerful right off the bat, different team compositions and World Memories can allow other Folklore to shine. Therefore, players should make their own decisions for team compositions based on the battle being attempted. 

Alice Fiction Tier List

SS Tier

★3 Musashi

Musashi is a Fire Physical Attacker, and luckily, is one of the five potential ★3 Characters that can be drawn from the Tutorial Gacha when you start off Alice Fiction. While she may seem to be a straightforward physical DPS at first glance, Musashi can extend the time allowed to select panels by 3 seconds by using her second skill! The 20% Physical DEF debuff that is self-inflicted with this skill isn’t a huge concern, since she can buff her Physical ATK to defeat enemies before it becomes a problem. To top it off, her Crash Skill is an extremely powerful single-target nuke, deleting any mob or minor boss she’s pitted against. 

Alice Fiction Tier List - Who is the Strongest Character?

★3 Qin Shi Huang

This Chinese emperor is a great pick for new players, being able to buff his own Physical ATK stat and debuff enemy Physical DEF. He can also inflict a status where an enemy will take 10% more damage from weaker types to it, and Qin Shi Huang’s passive decreases the Physical ATK of Quest Enemies when accompanied by an Earth ally. Pair him with Musashi or Lancelot to steamroll most early-game content in Alice Fiction!

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★3 Ushiwakamaru

Ushiwakamaru is a force to be reckoned with, being able to dish out high amounts of physical damage to enemies thanks to her Crash Skill, which hits 4 times! She can also debuff the Physical Defense of up to 4 enemies with her first skill, though she also decreases her own Physical DEF by 5% as a drawback. Ushiwakamaru can use her second skill to decrease the Physical ATK of her enemies by consuming her own panels, but she may not need to use it when considering how much damage she can inflict.

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S Tier

★3 Asclepius

As a Recovery type, Asclepius is indispensable for boss fights, especially with enemies who can unleash sudden, powerful attacks. Her first skill heals the entire party, while her second skill heals a single ally and removes all Defense debuffs on them. Her lack of damage output isn’t an issue in the early game, but she will struggle to keep her spot in regular Quest Battles, where the battle’s Time Limit works against Asclepius. 

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★3 Amadeus

The composer’s ability to inflict Skill Bind isn’t too useful early on as most enemies lack skills that might warrant its use; however, as that skill also decreases the enemy’s Special DEF, the status effect can be considered a bonus. Amadeus’ second skill allows her to consume up to 9 of her own panels to buff her Special ATK for 2 turns, helping her to take advantage of her first skill. 

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★3 Lancelot

Lancelot is an Earth Physical Attacker that relies on buffing her own Physical ATK sky high to deal tremendous damage in Alice Fiction. Her second skill is a bit niche in that it grants her a powerful damage boost against Buff-type enemies. Perhaps to make up for this, her Crash Skill ignores enemy Physical DEF to inflict 20% more damage! 

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★3 Rousseau

Rousseau is Alice Fiction’s premier Special ATK buffer as of this moment, being able to increase the Special ATK of two allies with the highest Special ATK on the team, and can grant them Physical ATK Type Slayer for 2 turns. Though her Crash Skill is a bit weak in damage output, it allows Rousseau to buff the Special ATK of all allies except herself, which is a shame since she would also appreciate the buff.

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★3 Archimedes

Archimedes is a self-sufficient Water Special Attacker, being able to buff her own Special ATK for 2 turns and can grant herself a powerful Shield to nullify damage. Her Crash Skill can also hit twice, but its numbers are on the lower side. Archimedes may not stand out compares to other characters in this Alice Fiction Tier List, but she is reliable in staying alive. 

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A Tier 

★3 Surtr

Surtr is a niche Folklore that relies on her Burn debuff to take advantage of her Burning Slayer and Oil Slayer statuses that she can grant to herself through her Crash Skill. The Burn status that she can apply only lasts for 2 turns and targets a single enemy, even with a 100% chance to land. Surtr can also buff the Physical ATK of Fire allies for 2 turns, but it doesn’t make up for her relatively weak skill kit compared to other characters in this Alice Fiction Tier list with simple, yet more effective skills. 

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3 Joan

The Dark Maiden of Orleans requires a specific party composition in order to shine in Alice Ficition, as her skills activate whenever a Dark or Buff type ally uses their own skills. When her skills activate, they can buff her own Physical ATK or the party’s Physical ATK; the latter isn’t useful for Special Attackers. Joan can also extend the panel selection period, but the extra time she grants is much smaller than Musashi’s, clocking in at 0.36s for 3 turns.

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★3 Hercules

As the star of Alice Fiction’s first event, the Hero of the Twelve Labors is a Defense type Folklore that can increase her own Physical DEF by 2 turns and can absorb her own panels to debuff the Physical ATK of her enemies. Notably, Hercules’ second skill allows her to redirect attacks onto her for that turn but also grants herself and an ally a Shield to negate damage. However, her lack of offensive might means that she won’t be a player’s first pick in time-sensitive battles or farming materials in Alice Fiction. 

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B Tier

★3 Hippocrates

Hippocrates suffers from possessing a skill kit that feels inefficient compared to other Recovery type Folklore in this Alice Fiction Tier List, such as Asclepius. Her first skill can remove all Defensive debuffs and buff Physical DEF and Special DEF for 2 turns, but this can only target a single ally. Her Crash Skill also suffers from the same problem, where the secondary heal only targets the ally with the lowest HP. Hippocrates’ damage reduction isn’t very impactful on its own, either.

image 11

★3 Kenshin

For a game that focuses on clearing battles as fast as possible, Kenshin is at a distinct disadvantage for having a purely defensive skill set that can affect up to only two party members at a time. Unlike Hercules, she cannot apply any debuffs on enemies, and her own Physical DEF and damage reduction buffs are relatively insignificant unless she receives a lot of investment from the player.

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★3 Longinus

Longinus is a selfish attacker whose buffs don’t compensate for her lack of party utility or offensive might. She also conflicts with other Attacker type allies who consume panels to buff themselves. Buffing her own Physical DEF isn’t very desirable as well for her role, as Alice Fiction’s battle system encourages quick defeat of all enemies. 

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Enjoy a Vibrant, On-Hands Experience in Alice Fiction!

Alice Fiction sells itself as a fast-paced puzzle RPG that’s easy to pick up, but difficult to master. Players with less time on their hands will find the app’s auto function serviceable, but there is a clear difference in selected panel efficiency between manual and auto play. Though the game’s first event has already been released, there is still plenty of time to reroll characters to progress quickly in the game. 

Alice Fiction’s tutorial gacha can be rolled an unlimited number of times, so anyone can keep trying until they get a satisfactory roster. The Quartz that can be received by completing the first set of Newbie Missions and through the pre-registration and login rewards result in 60 rolls that players can take advantage of!

Alice Fiction desktop

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ALICE Fiction WonderPlanet Inc. Rate: 3.5 Install